How To Keep Employees Engaged, According To Nationwide Findings

By Rachel Montanez

An August 29, 2018 survey by The Conference Board showed that happiness at work is continuing to improve with 51% of U.S. employees saying they feel satisfied and engaged. The study covered a snapshot of the national workforce where approximately 1,500 employees discussed 23 job satisfaction components.

Despite the trends in satisfaction, which have continued to improve over the last seven years, “just 37.5% feel content with their potential for growth, 32.6% say they’re pleased with their organization’s educational/job training programs and 26.3% are happy with their employer’s promotion policies.”

The Conference Board research suggests career development should be a priority for organizations. Without career development opportunities, overall job satisfaction isn’t enough to attract, retain and engage employees. A study from Randstad on August 28, 2018 echoed the same warning:

58% of workers say there isn’t enough growth opportunity to drive retention
69% would be more satisfied if their employers better utilized their skills and abilities

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