How FlexiBees is Helping Startups Hire Affordable Talent During the Pandemic

FlexiBees, a talent match platform, tackles a two-pronged problem as it assists businesses hire experienced talent and enables women to re-enter the workforce

The startup, at present, has a talent pool of 27K+ professional women and has catered to more than 250 companies

Shreya Prakash, cofounder of FlexiBees, says, “Many businesses have hired part-time and project-based talent during the pandemic. It helped them grow while preserving cash-flows.”

A few months after Deepa Narayanaswamy’s child was born, her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Consequently, the IIM-Bangalore alumnus had to leave her full-time job to take care of her newborn and her ailing mother. But even when things improved at home, she wanted to take up flexible working hours as it would help her balance her career with her duties as a mother and a caregiver. But much to her dismay, she found that her options were extremely limited.

Narayanaswamy is not alone. Millions of working women in India have made similar sacrifices. According to a survey by HR services company TeamLease, post-maternity attrition in India is as high as 45%.

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