How Firms Can Do A Better Job Developing Marketing Talent?

By Kimberly A. Whitler

There is arguably no function that is undergoing as much change as marketing. Between shifting consumer habits, digital transformation, and the need to migrate toward the analytical side of marketing, what marketers do, who they work with, and how they impact the firm is changing dramatically. Consequently, one area that CMOs are grappling with is how to develop their organizations to navigate the changing landscape effectively.

Harte Hanks, a marketing services firm, has regular advisory board meetings that bring together leading CMOs and academics to tackle key challenges facing marketing. A primary issue discussed in a recent meeting centered on the best practices that different marketing organizations use to coach and develop talent. Below are some thoughts that emerged from the meeting.

Observations Regarding Marketing Talent Development

Ken Bernhardt, founder of the Atlanta CMO Roundtable, teed up the discussion with the following observations:

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