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Here are the questions I hear most often from job candidates


By Paul McDonald, Senior Executive Director, Robert Half

With unemployment near 17-year lows, we’re continuing to see a very hot market for skilled job candidates. But an element that’s essential to finding and hiring great talent is failing many organizations. Simply put, employers are not hitting the mark with their descriptions of job openings. These listings describe the position, but fail to entice prospects to want to learn more.
In addition to outlining required skills, job descriptions also should provide a glimpse into your company’s culture, its mission and purpose, and the role itself. Details of the job just aren’t enough today.

The people you want to hire are likely already employed. They may be open to considering a new role, but they need to be convinced that your opportunity is worth pursuing.
Here are the questions I get asked most frequently by prospective candidates after they read your job description or first hear about your open role:

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