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Four Job Search Secrets Every Recent Graduate Should Know


By Shelcy V. Joseph

Now that most people are back in office, it’s a great time for candidates to put themselves out there and chase their dream job. As a lot of companies are evaluating their yearly budget and planning their strategy, there is a good chance that new positions will open that hiring managers will have to fill. “If you’re a recent grad,” says Corey Berkey, Director of Human Resources at JazzHR (an award-winning recruiting software and applicant tracking system), “the odds are in your favor because it is the time of year where the job market is blooming.” In fact, the competition is less fierce in the winter because of the smaller number of graduates.

Knowing this, as a recent graduate, take advantage of this period to really hone in on your resume, pitching and interview skills. As hiring processes typically take a while, Corey suggests starting your search now. Here are some tips to help you land your dream full-time job:

Read More: https://www.forbes.com/sites/shelcyvjoseph/2019/01/11/4-job-search-secrets-every-recent-graduate-should-know/#4b06855c2212

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