Features of Job Board Software


Job Boards cater to automation of the recruitment process. Some integrate features of organization’s internal hiring system, and some just run as a separate entity. This also applies to organizations that cater to market based solutions in recruitments and mass oriented/ in-the-market skill hiring.

Going online is one of the aspects that are decisive factors for enabling recruiters to provide better services to both Job seekers and Recruiters. Most of them are in the process of installing Job Board Software’s.

EJobsitesoftware.com is one of the few Software providers in an unorganized market of Job Board software vendors.
Most of the Job Site or Job Board software’s in the market have aspects below:

Job Board Features
1] Fast, Flexible, Customizable, Easy to Use, Easy to Setup (Easy Installation with the hosting providers)
2] Jobseeker’s, Recruiter’s/ Employer’s, Website’s or Software Administration’s Management
i] Quality Searching, Jobseeker Application, Career and Resume Builder
ii] Searching Candidates, Job Posting, and Hiring process
3] Site’s, Jobseeker’s, and Employer’s Administration
4] Multi-technology or Multi-Application integration
5] Revenue Management (any Vendors, Jobseeker, Organization, Services, etc)
6] Web or Site Analytics, Source, Tracking, Metrics, and Custom Report Builder
7] Social Media Integration
8] Seamless integration with the user’s organization
9] Multi OS/ Platform Support with API’s, or for Tablet or for Mobile Integration

Employer Features
Recruiter/ Employer’s solutions vary and trend widely depending on the process. Most of the above common features replicate themselves appropriately. But generally include the following:
i] Opening and Managing Account
ii] Posting Job Requirements, Searching, Advance search, and screening of Jobseekers
iii] Application tracking and Management solutions that include Jobseeker’s Application, Screening, Short-listing, Hiring, Related Revenue Management, and Related Report Generation or Analytics
iv] Job Posting, Advertising, Highlighting Posts or Organization, Related Revenue Management, and Related Report Generation or Analytics
v] A common or customizable Theme and Dashboard specific to Vendor

Job Seeker Features
Jobseeker’s solutions that are market standards or trends include:
i] Registration and Account Management (Login Creation, Personal Details, Resume [single or multi] Management)
ii] Search and Advanced Job Posting Search (as per Organization, Location, Job Profile, Skills, or Salary)
iii] Application tracking and Management solutions
iv] Resume Highlighting, and Instant application to Multi-Vendors/ Recruiter/ Employers
v] Reporting for his/ her Account
vi] Direct Recruiter/ Employer Contact or application

Admin Features
The Site Administration section varies with features as per needs of the main site host or the organization. They include:
1] Site Administrator’s Jobseeker Management
2] Site Administrator’s Recruiter/ Employer Management
3] Site Administrator’s Site SEO, Web Analytics, and Site Analytics
4] Site Administrator’s/ Every Account’s Report Generation
5] Revenue Management for Site, Jobseeker, or Recruiter/ Employer
6] Social Integration with Account or the website
With this data companies can report analytics like Industry specific data, geographic specific data, skills based data, organization based data, compensation based data, etc.
With these core features trending with differences in details/ processes of above features, these make for end to end Job Board software. A keen look at the three Job Board (Jobseeker/ Employer/ Site Administration) section shows market trending features in eJobsiteSoftware.com software.


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