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Digital HR In Workplace


Digital transformation is a much-extolled disruptor in almost all organizations. Organizations are reshaping themselves because of digital transformation. As organizations transform themselves, their departments have undergone tremendous change primarily because of digitalization. The HR division is no exception. Digital and social media have also positively changed the HR division in the workplace. They have transformed how organizations recruit, train, pay and retain employees. For instance, managers use LinkedIn to identify active and passive job seekers.

This digital recruiting trend has seen a tremendous rise in recent years. Companies are using many other social media sites other than LinkedIn, like Facebook and Twitter to hire the right talent. The company connected globally use video-based interviews instead of face to face interviews. Video-based interviews offer many benefits in the hiring process by increasing connectivity and saving time.

Given all the technological advancements and digital disruptions taking place in the world, we can even question ourselves whether β€œIs it the end for Traditional workplace era?” Automation is ruling the HR world as well. Automated HR processes benefit the HR department to handle the humungous volume of data with ease, few errors, and faster implementation enabling time-saving. Some of the HR functions which have seen successful automation are Leave requests approval, Employee information system updates, training and onboarding process, Payroll and appraisal process etc.

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