Candidate.ID: The changing supply chain in recruitment

By Adam Gordon

The recruitment model is changing – and in need of change. Most companies, whatever the industry they operate in have been using the same recruitment strategy since 1999 – which explains why many candidates have become apathetic to the process.

A generic online vacancy post, once the standard pathway to begin the recruitment journey, is in need of updating to reflect the changing recruitment environment.

It is vitally important that employers are attuned to the environment and the changing dynamics of employing talented, eager, professionals who feel an attachment to the employer. The supply chain related to recruitment is evolving to meet this need.

However, adapting to this change is no easy feat. Research has indicated that the average length of time in post now stands at just over two and a half years – and is falling.

Every six months, this falls by a month, so by 2022, the average time an employer will stay in their job is just two years. This is forcing employers to re-evaluate their recruitment strategy.

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