Big data, better talent acquisition


By S J Raj

Modern-day hiring practices have evolved a great deal than what was before. While earlier, it used to be through newspaper advertisements or billboards or even hiring newsletters. It then started to change with the onset of the Internet where vacancies were published online, giving rise to online job portals or sourcing and shortlisting CVs.

While these methods are still relevant in today’s time, it may not be easy to find the right candidate with all the desired skills even with all the HR and recruiting software in place. Given the enormity of recruiting channels, growing job complexities and varied skillsets giving way to a rapid expansion of candidate diversity and job databases, the current methods may not be as effective in today’s time. Especially when one needs the candidates who can align themselves with the company’s ethos. So we can say that the Human Resource Management’s quest for the best talent is not an easy one. Enter: Big Data

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