Benefits And Shortcomings Of Blind Hiring In The Recruitment Process


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By John Feldmann – Communications Specialist for Insperity Recruiting Services

Most companies are well aware of the importance of employing a diverse workforce. Diversity in areas such as employee background, race, gender, age and religion sends a message of inclusivity both inside and outside the company, creating a competitive advantage in a diverse world.
However, the acceptance of diversity of thought and unique approaches and ideas is what truly boosts an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Many employers struggle with how to set aside the biases that are inherent to the hiring process and hire employees who will be an asset to their organization while contributing to a diverse workforce. One solution that some employers are exploring is the practice of blind hiring — i.e., finding ways to mask job seekers’ ethnicity, gender, age and educational background during the application review stage. In an effort to help eliminate discrimination and boost diversity, blind hiring has been embraced by such companies as Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Victoria Police and Westpac Bank.

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