ATS: Your Secret Weapon for Employee Onboarding

The HR department carries a lot of functions that foster smoother running of your organization. While you might think that the biggest HR role has to do with evaluating employee performance, there is a lot that goes to it. HR department also helps ensure support for the growth and productivity of your team.

That would require a substantial investment of time and financial resources that would be devoted hiring and dismissal process. But, it is the search for top talent that often gives the HR team migraine-inducing experiences. Research indicates that 66% of CIOs believe that we have talent crisis – and finding the top talent ad assimilating them in your organization is getting tougher every day.

That’s where Applicant Tracking System (ATS) comes in

While recruiting a new employee is a quite a rigorous process, employee onboarding becomes much more critical. While employee onboarding may seem less important compared to recruitment, a recent BCG study found that great hiring practices could help companies experience faster employee retention and revenue growth.

In other words, it forms foundation at which the employee decides on their longevity at the workplace. It also prepares them to fit in the culture of the organization.

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