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Job Sites Win in Bond Survey


New market research, carried out by industry analyst Opinionography on behalf of Bond International Software has revealed some surprising trends in the tools candidates are using when looking for jobs. These trends are also having a profound impact on the work of recruiters. In fact, the survey has revealed that 81 per cent have used online job sites compared to only 25 per cent who have used social media when looking for a job in the last year.

The research that surveyed 1,000 UK based office workers set out to discover the current state of the recruitment market – from candidates’ preferences in job search tools, to the way that individuals now address change in career. After years of workplace stagnation, increased economic confidence over the past couple of years has encouraged individuals to make a change, with over a quarter of office workers looking for a job in the last six months, and a massive 72 per cent having looked for a job in the last three years.

A clear message from the research is the online job site is still the number one preferred starting point for candidates, with 68 per cent of respondents saying that they found it the most helpful in comparison to just 38 per cent who found recruitment agencies of most help. In fact, given past experience, if searching for a job today 94 per cent stated that they would be likely to use an online job site. This identifies a misconception by the candidate in terms of recruitment agency vs job board, since the majority of roles on job boards actually come from recruitment agencies directly. This demonstrates a clear need for recruiters to be actively following up on candidates when they receive an application directly via a job board.

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