How to hire for high growth companies


By Sreelesh Pillai is the General Manager, Freshworks Australia

A great company is built on great talent, and for this very reason, hiring teams can take an immense amount of time and effort with their hiring process. This is especially true for high-growth companies that tend to see their headcount skyrocket year-on-year. For example, when Freshworks launched its first product, we were six people in a room. In just eight years, we have grown into a global company with 1,300 employees across five locations, and more than 150,000 customers across 145 countries.

A recent study by the Harvard Business Review revealed that 80% of employee turnover occurs due to faulty hiring decisions. As we all know, onboarding new staff members costs money, so it’s vital to get it right first time. Companies that are in the early stages of growth need to nail their hiring practices as future profitability will hinge on having the right team in place.

With high-growth companies, there is a danger that rapid changes in team structure can leave some individuals feeling alienated as the workplace shifts around them. Here, the key is to create a strong culture that focuses on supporting staff development and having management that has the time to listen and learn.

Hiring and talent management doesn’t need to be a headache. By having the right culture and strategy in place, and making use of the software tools out there, your high-growth company can continue to thrive.

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