Cloud-based Recruitment: the Future or a Cybercriminal’s Playground?


When it comes to storing information and applications, it seems that there is only one way forward: the cloud.

Many traditional aspects of an office job, like editing documents or working collectively on projects, have already been moved to cloud environments, which are preferred for the flexibility and convenience they offer. The recruitment world could be no exception, as cloud-based recruitment is gaining followers by

the day. Cloud-based software can help streamline the recruitment process and offers many advantages – but there are also some points that recruiters need to be cautious about.Streamlining the Process

Recruiting online certainly seems to be the current trend in the industry. According to a recent survey, 47.3% of HR professionals have stated that online recruitment has helped them land candidates faster, while 22.5% responded that it varies across different job posts and only about 8% said that they were

unsure. Using cloud-based solutions allows recruiters to work from anywhere and at any time and thus liaise better with candidates from across the world. It also simplifies the process by allowing recruitment agencies and professionals to keep all documents and files in one place and have uninterrupted access

even off-premises. This also means that when teams work on a project they are able to cooperate better on a shared platform, instead of falling back into the familiar pattern of annoying emails with countless attachments. Cloud-based recruitment means that updated files are instantly shared across a team.

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