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Will it be a good year for HR Tech and Startups in 2020?



By Shweta Modgil

“It was a good year.” That’s what most of the HR Tech startups we spoke to opined when they looked back at 2019. From the degree of adoption to the amount of funds flowing in, the startup space generally saw an increased awareness around technology in HR. With the talks of AI, automation, technology dominating the whole year around, HR Tech saw a definite uptake both in India and globally.

On this note, what does the year 2020 bode for HR Tech? What are some of the trends that will shape this space in the coming year? We talked to a number of startups in the HR Tech space such as HRIS provider Talbrum, sustainable credit provider SalaryFits, employee experience platform Dockabl, AI-based one-way video interview platform Talocity, AI-based recruitment startup CutShort, Beatest-AI Enabled hiring solution to provide growth potential of candidates for right hiring in an organization, and JobPin that aims to simplify hiring and skilling of the large, young, and ambitious blue and grey collared workforce, among others to understand which way the wind will blow.

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