Why recruitment alone is a weak talent strategy


By Tom Chapman

Richard Florida authored a piece entitled “America’s Looming Creativity Crisis” in the Harvard Business Review (https://miscsf.typepad.com/miscblog/files/CreativityCrisis.pdf) published In October 2004. He presciently identified a challenge that was facing and continues to face the United States – the inability to find the “creative class”.

In the article, Florida writes, “Today, virtually the entire public dialogue about jobs in the Untied States revolves around outsourcing and unemployment. But these are short-term issues. The real long-term predicament facing the United States and the world is the looming shortage of creative talent.”

In recent months, the colleagues in my firm and I have spoken throughout the Midwest with numerous city leaders in Omaha, Milwaukee, Peoria, Oklahoma City, and St. Louis. The conversations invariably included a conversation about talent. Whether the person on the other side of the table is an executive, an ecosystem builder, or an economic developer, everyone is worried about where to find talent, and particularly technology talent.

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