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Why Data Matters When It Comes to Reducing Time to Hire


By Maren Hogan,

We find that sometimes, the issues that plague people in talent acquisition are really, really hard to solve. But there’s one problem that we brought on ourselves. In fact, technology is what created the issue in the first place, if you think about it. I’m talking about time to hire. Time to hire is a metric

that concerns every recruiter (and jobseeker for that matter) yet it’s being stretched ever longer due to the sheer size of our technology stacks.

Time to hire hasn’t always been this long. In the early days of running a staffing firm, one could recruit and hire candidates in no time. Why? Because when someone asked me who I knew for a job, great recruiters (and networkers) could rattle off a few names easily.

The hard part was getting them to accept the job, but even that was easier than today because 4 out of 5 of those names had a relationship behind them. Now, the average time to hire a software engineer is 21 days; 4 times longer for patent examiners at 88 days.
That’s nearly 3 months! It’s an issue that I KNOW affects business leaders because one of them came to me about it.

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