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TNW and Randstad launch HR Tech program to boost innovation at work


by Lucas Miller

No matter what industry you work in, no matter what the size of your company, few things are more important than finding and retaining the best available talent. After all, finding new employees can prove quite expensive, while hanging on to your best workers will give your company the foundation it needs for lasting success.

As Jack Altman, CEO for HR-software company Lattice, writes, costs such as “hiring, onboarding, training, ramp time to peak productivity, the loss of engagement from others due to high turnover, higher business error rates, and general culture impacts” associated with hiring and retention challenges can significantly impact your business.

With the help of HR tech, however, businesses can offset these expenses with smarter recruitment and talent management. This is why TNW has partnered with Randstad to co-found the HR Tech innovation program.

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