Open Systems Technologies Saves Big with Bullhorn


Before turning to recruitment CRM vendor Bullhorn, New York-based staffing firm Open Systems Technologies faced significant challenges: The organization lacked comprehensive reporting capabilities, missed out on job placements due to manual processes, and had a vendor management system (VMS) process that was too slow to keep pace with the competition.

But the firm was able to overcome these obstacles thanks to two of the vendor’s solutions, Bullhorn Canvas and VMS Access. Bullhorn Canvas is a business intelligence and recruitment analytics tool for staffing businesses that allows users to build unique reports; share reports across teams, offices, and regions; and discover new insights across accounts. Bullhorn VMS Access provides VMS integration with an eye on improving service levels, business, and productivity.

According to Radhika Arora, director of sourcing and recruiting operations at Open Systems Technologies, Bullhorn’s ability to customize differentiated it from competitors.

“If we want a field that we internally use in our processes, we can easily create it, and we can create it without going to Bullhorn. I can do it as an admin,” she says.

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