LinkedIn debuts Your Commute, navigation and maps to evaluate jobs based on how far they are

LinkedIn, the social media site that’s aimed at people looking to network or otherwise change up their career prospects, is taking a plunge into location-based services. From today, the company is turning on a new feature that will let job-seekers check out the location and commute time to specific businesses, to help them evaluate whether they would want to work there.

‘Your Commute’ as the feature is called, is now available globally on mobile, providing location data for all businesses where LinkedIn already has location information, and it will be coming soon to desktop, senior product manager Dan Li told TechCrunch.

The feature will appear within job postings on LinkedIn and will become a part of how LinkedIn surfaces job opportunities in its search feature for its 500 million-plus users. “When members save their location preferences in Career Interests, we’re able to provide more relevant job recommendations that fit exactly what they’re looking for in their next role,” he said. “We’re thinking through additional ways members can use location information to improve their job searches in the near future.”

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