Latest Trends in the Job Board Sector



Job boards have become a popular way for businesses to find and hire the best talent. Job Boards are like search engine that helps people find jobs based on their skills and experience.

Latest Trends in Job Board Sector

1. Online job boards have become the go-to resource for employers seeking qualified candidates.
According to Indeed’s 2017 State of Jobs report, online job boards saw a 30% increase in candidate
traffic over 2016. In fact, they now account for nearly half (46%) of all job searches conducted

2. Employers are increasingly using online job boards to find talent. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of
hiring managers use online job boards to recruit employees, according to the same survey.

3. Candidates are increasingly turning to online job boards to search for jobs. More than two-thirds
(68%) of respondents said they had searched for a job via an online job board at least once in the
past year.

4. Job seekers are increasingly relying on online job boards to find employment opportunities. Over
half (53%) of job seekers reported searching for a job via an employer website at least once in the
last 12 months.

5. Most online job boards offer free services. About four out of five (79%) job boards provide their
users with free access to job listings.

6. Top industries for job postings on online job boards include IT/technology (24%), finance (17%),
healthcare (15%), engineering (14%), sales & marketing (13%), human resources (12%), and
education (11%).

7. The top 10 companies posting jobs on online job boards include Apple Inc.,, Google,
Microsoft Corp., Facebook, LinkedIn, IBM, Oracle Corp.,, Twitter, and Yahoo!

8. The top 10 skills sought after by employers on online job boards include leadership (27%),
technical expertise (23%), communication skills (19%), problem solving skills (16%), analytical
thinking (15%), teamwork skills (10%), customer service skills (9%), computer skills (8%), and project
management skills (7%).

9. The top 10 industries posting jobs on online job sites include technology (29%), manufacturing
(20%), business services (18%), construction (15%), retail (13%), transportation (12%), government
(11%), wholesale trade (10%), accommodation and food services (9%), and professional services

10. The top 10 countries posting jobs on online job websites include United States (32%), Canada
(22%), India (11%), China (9%), Australia (8%), United Kingdom (7%), Germany (6%), France (5%),
Japan (4%), and Brazil (3%).

Also social media has become an important tool for companies to reach out to potential employees.
Companies use social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to find qualified candidates.
Job seekers can search for positions using keywords related to their area of expertise.

Job boards have become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. They provide a quick and easy
way to connect with potential employees and gather resumes and have enormous growth potential
in the future.