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IT Recruiting: Competing with the Googles and Amazons


By Jessica Davis

Hiring top technology talent is crucial to moving into and succeeding in the digital age. But how do you compete against big tech companies?

In today’s strong economy, it’s a great market for IT professionals to find a new position and negotiate a strong compensation package. But for employers, there’s a lot of competition also trying to recruit the best talent. It can be a challenge to attract in-demand employees such as IT professionals.

In an age of digital transformation, where so many traditional companies in a host of different industries are working to become software companies, too, the competition to recruit tech talent has gotten even hotter.

Read More – https://www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/team-building-and-staffing/it-recruiting-competing-with-the-googles-and-amazons/d/d-id/1337128

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