How To Hire Like Google — And Why You Should


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By Serenity Gibbons

For the past decade, Google has been on job seekers’ lips. The company is one of only a handful to boast being named one of Glassdoor’s top places to work year after year. And it’s not its size that makes Google such a worker’s utopia; it’s the value the corporation places on people.

At Google, recruitment isn’t relegated to getting people in the door. The process is taken as seriously as a systemwide change to its search engine algorithms. Top executives at Google toss out a net for new hires a bit differently than most organizations. And that net has consistently made a huge splash, even in today’s low-unemployment buyer’s market.

Attracting Quality Candidates: What Google’s Getting Right

If you were an animal, what would you be, and why? That’s just one unorthodox question Google might ask a potential hire during an interview. Sure, recruiters assign test projects to make sure a person can do the job, but you need more than coding skills to work there.

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