How HR Tech startup CutShort is leveraging AI to revolutionize recruitment

If there’s one word you have heard the most this year, it is AI. Be it robots or retail or self-driving cars, AI is making inroads everywhere. Similarly, in the world of work, be it jobs or recruitment or training, AI is changing the way we work, the way we hire and the way we make decisions.

CutShort is one such HR Tech startup that is leveraging AI to change India’s $25Bn recruitment industry. The recruitment marketplace and SaaS software uses AI to simplify recruitment for modern companies that are looking for quality talent in a fraction of a time at a fraction of the cost.

Founded by Nikunj Verma in 2015, CutShort uses a powerful match-making algorithm, effective gamification, trusted networks, and AI-powered workflow automation to create an advanced hiring engine. It combines a deep understanding of the modern professional’s psyche with accurate data and cutting-edge technology. Like Amazon’s Alexa, CutShort also offers its own AI-driven professional assistant Voila, which makes the entire hiring process far more seamless.

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