How Do You Find New Work After 55?


Having made a strong pitch recently for doing a phased retirement, I want to expand that idea to a more creative realm. As Forbes contributor Kerry Hannon pointed out, formal phased retirement programs are still rare (though everyone admits they are what’s needed). So, what are your options if you and your employer part ways before you are ready to say goodbye to the paycheck? Opportunities to make an income these days are truly only limited by a lack of imagination.

Twenty years ago, when my brother-in-law decided to be a stay-at-home dad for their developmentally disabled son, he used his college degree and his savvy in accounting to start a tax prep business. It’s a job he can do from home whenever he has the time. Of course, he is busiest during the first four months of the year, but there are always a few clients who need extensions or help collecting the documentation they will need during a major life event, so he stays as busy as he wants most of the year.

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