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Four Tips for Building a Talent Pool


By Charles Mah, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Workday

Passive candidates are really the unicorns of recruiting: elusive and unattainable. The best workers are engaged, productive, valued by their managers and peers, and in general, happy where they are. And these are the exact people I want to hire. As a company vying for the top talent in a highly competitive market, how do we attract these unicorn candidates?

While we are hit left and right with new social and recruiting technologies, I’ve found that the most effective way to attract great candidates is built on old school tactics like face-to-face interaction and relationship building. Using these tried-and-true techniques, we can develop talent pools. Also knows as talent networks or communities, they allow us to cultivate longstanding relationships with candidates that share similar values, interests, and traits with the top employees in our organizations.

Bottom line: talent pools are an extremely effective way to create a tailored, delightful experience for each and every person that wants to be a part of your organization’s network. By engaging with and fostering relationships with prospective candidates, you are keeping the lines of communication open and continually showcasing your company’s employer brand. As you foster these relationships through hosting and attending events, phone and email communications, coffee meetings, and check-ins, your talent pool efforts will come to fruition in time with quality hires that are a great fit for your organization.

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