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Cash in on talent scouting


By Abhishek Agarwal

The Indian Staffing market size has grown exponentially over the past few years as Indian Staffing Federation estimated its value of about EUR 3.6 Billion. The organised retail sector, construction and real estate, BFSI, and Automobile sector are likely to create 40,000 to 12, 62,120 jobs by 2021. With this, the talent acquisition industry is sure to capitalise while the requirement of skilled HR professionals is bound to create a myriad of career opportunities.

Organisations, in every sector, are betting on highly-skilled and qualified talents who can better address their business requirements. But, India still is facing the issues such as unemployment, lower productivity, and unskilled population which make companies picky about their workforce. As a consequent result, the companies find it hard to manage the stringent talent acquisition and recruitment processes and prefer to outsource them to either third-party staffing companies or hire an experienced HR manager for the purpose. This has led to the ever-growing demand for professionals in the talent acquisition industry who can sift through the pool of candidates and hand-pick the best of them to the company.

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