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Can Automation in Recruitment Empower HR? Q&A With Jobvite’s Vice President of DevOps, John Stuart


Neha Pradhan Interview

HR Technologist Interview with John Stuart of Jobvite on Bringing Automation in Recruitment Strategies

“By expanding the scope of their role, recruiters are looking for ways to automate and scale the administrative tasks. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and focusing on the people, not the process.”

In this informative HR Talk interview, John Stuart, Vice President of DevOps, Jobvite, explains why recruiters must invest in automated recruitment solutions. He discusses automation in hr, how to streamline interview processes, and why recruiters must focus on delivering a seamless candidate experience.

Read More – https://www.hrtechnologist.com/interviews/recruitment-onboarding/jobvite-john-stuart-automation-in-recruitment/

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