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A shortage of tech workers led this company to start recruiting in middle school


By Kathryn Vasel, CNN Business

For Ohio-based software company Hyland, the recruiting process starts in middle school.
When the business first launched more than two decades ago, hiring was tough. It was hard to find local workers with the necessary skill sets to fill open positions.
“There wasn’t a ready-made workforce for us when we started 20 years ago,” said CEO Bill Priemer.

So the company decided to play the long game by creating its own pipeline of workers. Hyland teamed up with local middle and high schools, as well as higher education institutions, to groom the next generation of tech workers.
Even in the current job-seeker’s market with the unemployment rate at a 49-year low, Hyland’s CEO says the company is on track to hire 300 new people this year, with roughly half being for entry-level positions.

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