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5 Best Talent Management Strategies for 2020


By Tony Bosco,

Going into 2020, strong talent management is a priority for most organizations–large, mid-sized and small. This article shares 5 innovative talent management strategies for the next decade, with a focus on HR software, writes Tony Bosco, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances, JobDiva

Acquiring good talent is a gamechanger for most companies. For enhancing profitability and productivity, there is nothing quite like the right talent. As McKinsey puts it, “Superior talent is up to eight times more productive.”

The question for leaders and innovators is—once you attract the right talent, how do you manage people to promote productivity and retain staff?

Read More: https://www.hrtechnologist.com/articles/recruitment-onboarding/5-best-talent-management-strategies-for-2020/

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