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3 things bosses can do to keep their best employees happy


By Steve Odland and Rebecca L. Ray,

As we head into Labor Day to honor our nation’s workers, a key question becomes timely: How satisfied are we as a workforce?

According to The Conference Board’s new survey of over 1,500 workers, overall job satisfaction increased for the seventh year in a row. Survey participants weighed in on 23 components that contribute to satisfaction, and the findings show that America’s workforce feels most satisfied with the relational and social aspects of their work. They gave the highest marks to issues that include supervisors, interest in work and, in first place, people at work.

Beyond the symbolism of Labor Day, this question of job satisfaction could not come at a more significant time. In today’s strong job market, high-performing employees have more options than they have had in years. And for many of them, options will continue to abound as unemployment looks likely to decrease over the next year.

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