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10 Questions To Get Answered Before Accepting A New Job


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by Caroline Ceniza-Levine

When considering a new job, most candidates know to ask questions about what their responsibilities will be, who they will report to, and compensation, title and structure of the role. However, there are many more questions a job seeker should get answered before accepting a new job. You need to probe on whether you will be happy and successful on the job now and in the long-term. Here are 10 questions to help you dig deeper on whether to accept a new job:

How will the company know it has made the right hire 30 days from now? After 6 months? After 1 year?

You may have been given a written job description or a verbal summary of the role and responsibilities, but when you probe with the above question, you force your interviewer to confirm the most important priorities of the job. You get clarity on how you’ll be evaluated and on what timetable. If you ask this

question to several of the people you’ll be working with, you can also gauge if company priorities are shared across the board or differ widely. Beware of vastly different priorities – how will you please everybody?

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