Three Recommendations To Help Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem


By Stephanie Bravo – founder of

From human resources to the executive suite, tech leaders have often decried that they can’t find qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.
They will often cite the “pipeline” as the problem, shifting responsibility to colleges and universities for not graduating enough STEM students to fill their open positions.

Their argument is partially true, since most colleges do not recruit and graduate enough students in STEM to keep up with employer demand, and they are not the primary institutions of higher education and learning.

However, with nearly 2.5 billion users on social media worldwide and over a billion people using Google search, tech companies are in fact “educating” the masses.

If trends of past years continue, and if the future plans of tech giants like Facebook and Google are any indication, over one billion new people of different backgrounds are poised to come online in the next few years. To make products and services attractive and accessible to this diverse new user base, companies must traverse vastly different cultures, communications and computer literacy levels.

Many of these emerging markets for technology consumption are not just in developing countries; they also include untapped segments of the U.S. market — predominantly in communities of color.

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