The Future of HR AI-augmented Recruitment and Onboarding


By Sharon Koifman, Founder of DistantJob

Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies are taking the HR world by storm. There is a big marketing push to get HR to adopt artificial intelligence software. The argument is simple. Companies have an awful lot of data swimming around during the recruitment process. And even more available from company employee history. What’s more: we’re doing very little with any of it.

Humans aren’t all that good at analyzing large amounts of data. We tend to see patterns where there aren’t any. Infer causation from correlation. And, to be honest, most of us get bored to death by spreadsheets.

o AI isn’t at the level where it can replace us Maybe it never will be. But we are already at a point where, with currently available AI, we can free ourselves from busywork. And that allows us to use our time on what matters: nurturing, cultivating, and working with talent.

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