AI-enabled recruitment management systems seek out bias


By Patrick Thibodeau

Employers are increasingly using recruitment management systems as a way to recognize unconscious bias and improve hiring diversity. In the process, they’re changing their own HR hiring practices.

One of the goals is to hire based on cognitive diversity, which encompasses people with different perspectives and problem-solving abilities. The approach is different from diversifying workforces based on gender, ethnic background and age and might include hiring based on neurodiversity or interviewing those who are on the autism spectrum.

Hiring for cognitive diversity is a way to avoid knee-jerk types of hiring practices, such as favoring graduates of certain universities. It can also mean using the software to root out certain words in help wanted ads that might, for example, discourage women from applying.

In any event, employers are seeking to mitigate unconscious bias in hiring, and vendors are developing recruitment management systems to accomplish that goal. It could actually mean keeping humans out of the initial screenings. Artificial intelligence tools can discover patterns in résumés that may provide telling clues, such as evidence of a candidate’s creativity and self-motivation.

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