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How to Create a Job Posting That Attracts the Right Candidates

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By Jared Atchison

Are you struggling to create a job posting that attracts the type of candidates best suited for your business? You wouldn’t be the only one.

According to a Career Builder survey, it takes 60% of employers 12 weeks or longer to fill job openings. That’s a lot of time, resources and money spent searching for employees, and the more time the position stays vacant, the more time it’ll take to move your business forward.

It’s too easy to create the wrong kind of job listing. If you look on a job board, you’ll see all sorts of examples: listings that are too formal, too casual, too short, too long or have other issues.

How do you figure out what kind of posting will bring you the best candidates for the position? There’s no secret formula, but by analyzing data and statistics, you can optimize your job ad to appeal to the right audience so the position gets filled quickly and efficiently.

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