Features of Applicant Tracking System

Ejobsitesoftware.com Applicant tracking system gathers job requirements, automatically posts those requirements to the career site, qualifies job applicants, processes resumes, matches candidates with the requirements, shortlists candidates, and sends automated emails to selected candidates.
It also has a hiring manager portal along with the range of other features.

The applicant tracking system comes with a lot of user-friendly modules to enable recruiters and administrators execute their recruitment tasks more efficiently than ever before.

Some key modules of ejobsitesoftware.com applicant tracking system:

Requirement gathering:

HR departments, recruiting teams, project managers, or just anybody in the company can create a job opening request in the system. The system automatically assigns a recruiter for that job. Recruiters can post job through a simple form, wherein they can fill the details and criteria for candidate selection. The entire process is automated from here onwards.

Online job posting:

The application automatically posts the job requirements on your internal or external website, intranet, or portal in real-time. All the details of the available profile along with complete job description and company information are made visible for the candidates.

Job application:

Candidates who visit the website can apply for the job with a single click and then fill the form for the selected job opening. Hundreds and thousands of applicants can apply through this system. They can also refer the job openings to their friends. All applicants get automated acknowledgement emails as soon as they submit their application. The system is entirely secure.

Resume processing:

The system formats and stores resumes in MS Word, PDF, plain text, or database files. It gives immediate information on candidate application history, referrals and requests. Resumes from different sources are also collated at one place.

Resume screening and extraction:

Our applicant tracking system automatically matches the resumes with the job requirements and short-lists the candidates based on their qualifications, experience, location, and skills. The system takes care of even minute details to bring forth only the best-fit candidates for those positions.

Automated correspondence:

After short-listing, the application sends out emails to the selected candidates to take the communication to the next level. The formats of these letters can be managed by the recruiter or administrator.

Continuous candidate tracking:

The applicant tracking system tracks the candidate throughout the recruitment lifecycle. Starting from pre-screening, technical round, reference checks, job offer, offer acceptance, to joining.

Hiring portal:

This feature enables the hiring managers to visit their website, log on and manage the jobs they want and set criteria. They can manage each stage of the process mentioned above and monitor is continuously to assess different channels of recruitment.

There are many sub-features available under each of the major modules mentioned here. Through these modules the entire recruitment process gets streamlined and the recruiter reduces time-to-hire significantly.

Since, most of the cumbersome tasks are taken care of by the ejobsitesoftware.com applicant tracking system, recruiters can actually get the time they need to concentrate on organizing other offline recruitment activities, conducting interviews and hiring employees.

What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system is an online application that maintains the records of all applicants. Applicant tracking system automates the online job application and resume tracking process including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes.

Growing number of employees has made the recruitment process extremely complicated. Big companies, especially in the IT and FMCG sectors hire hundreds of employees every month to meet the needs of their HR department. These companies have big recruitment teams, but still they cannot recruit efficiently. So there is a need for online applicant tracking system.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

Many companies spend over 50% of their time in sourcing and matching resumes on job portals and internal databases.
Applicant tracking system enables companies to create a database of candidates and the current job openings. The system automatically matches the openings and the candidates and gives the recruiter a list of short-listed applicants only.
It can also send automated emails to the selected candidates. This is a very beneficial step in the recruitment process as it cuts down the searching time drastically and frees-up time for the recruitment teams to do more important tasks like scheduling interviews.

With the help of an efficient applicant tracking system companies can:

  • Reduce hiring and administrative costs and make do with lesser recruiters
  • Find suitable candidates faster to meet your company’s growing needs
  • Make your company’s recruitment process more efficient
  • Lower hiring liability
  • Enhance applicant experience with your company

Ejobsitesoftware.com offers advanced technology that helps your company in tracking candidates throughout the recruitment cycle and eases the process of selecting the best-fit candidates.

Company can maintain a database of CVs in digital format, automatically pull out the right CVs based on the criteria mentioned by the recruiter, send automated mails to the selected candidates, manage interview times and schedules, track candidates, send automated communication emails, and enable easier and faster recruitment.

Job seekers can also take advantage of this advanced system. They can search jobs based on many criteria including location, qualification, categories, company, experience, and keywords.

Apart from the usual features the system also offers them a host of unique capabilities including: search results filtering; quick registration; easy profile creation and updation; list view of jobs applied for; capability to have private, public and confidential resumes and covering letters; features to view, edit, copy, delete, send, print, activate, deactivate and duplicate resumes; and more.

They can also submit resumes to any HR staff with just one click. Automated communication and interview notices from employer can be received too.

With ejobsitesoftware.com’s powerful applicant tracking system employers, HR recruiters, consultants, and job-seekers can experience a streamlined and professional recruitment cycle. It automates all time-consuming tasks and significantly reduces recruitment process time and cost.

Sourcing and screening the right candidates will become a breeze with ejobsitesoftware.com’s innovative applicant tracking system.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System automates the online job application and resume tracking process
It simplifies reviewing, responding to resumes and selecting the best applicant for the job

Applicant Tracking System  

Using Applicant Tracking System, Employer can:

  • Track the applicant
  • Automate the selection process
  • Inform the Job Seeker about his Status
  • Generate Report about Applicants
  • Know the selection status of the particular Job Seeker
  • Check the applicant profile
  • Compare two Resumes
  • Check Resume Match vs Job
  • Rate the Job Seeker selection rounds
  • Do the Screening, Interview and Final selection

The entire Applicant Tracking Process is as follows:

Applicant Tracking System

Employer Control Panel
Login Employer control panel
Click the active jobs link in the employer control panel
Applicant Tracking System

List of Active Jobs
Check the menu buttons appearing in the right of the page
Click – View applications menu button, new page will open – List of applicants
Applicant Tracking System

View Applications
Complete details of applicant are displayed:

– Applicant id
– Candidate name
– Applied
– Round/Status
– Rating
– Action

In applicant tracking process, Jobseeker is given an auto-generated Applicant ID when they apply for Job
Jobseekers are displayed as an applicant on the respective Employer Control panel under the List of Jobs section
Employer can manage the applicant tracking system with Applicant ID
On this page Applicant Id is the auto generated ID and Round/Status are for the Status of Jobseeker Rounds taken for the selections process
By default one circle is appearing on this page, which means that jobseeker is on the initial state and he hasn’t gone through any selection process
There is one more circle image ( view-application-icon ) is appearing in the Round/Status section which shows that the applicant is new
Now select the particular applicant by selecting the action image of the particular applicant
Applicant Tracking System

View Resume
Check the particular applicant profile by clicking – View Resume
Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Edit Selection Round
As per the applicant interaction with employer choose and edit:

– Screening Round
– Telephone Round
– Interview Round
– Skill check Round
– Background check Round
– Reference check Round

Select the applicant on clicking action button of the particular applicant Click on change status button Page appears as Applicant Status and update

Applicant Status:

– Click Change Status button
– Page appears as Applicant Status
– Choose the Set Status and click the update button
– There are five options in the drop down list , Named as


– Process
– Completed (Waiting)
– Completed (Rejected)
– Completed (Select)

After selecting process and clicking on update button, Page appears as Applicant Status which shows that:

– Round is Screening
– Pre-status is new
– Current Status is process
– Inserted is the date on which the record is inserted

Applicant Tracking System

View Selection History
View the past interaction with applicant as per interaction
Applicant Tracking System

Select Candidate
If the employer finds the Candidate suitable, click and select applicant
Change the applicant status as selected directly by clicking the green button ( ) in which bulb is appearing
Applicant Tracking System

Contact Candidate
In case of any clarification or feed back submit the contact form
Applicant Tracking System

Add Comment
Add comments in resume, which will be visible only to employer
Applicant Tracking System

Rate Applicant

– Rate the applicant by clicking the rate button
– Applicant Rating page appears
– Now rate the applicant for further selection process
– After choosing the Rate point from the drop down list, Click the rate button

Applicant Tracking System

Delete Applicant
Delete the applicant from – List of Applicants, if he is unsuitable for the job
Applicant Tracking System

Resume Match Detail
Check the Applicant Vs Job compatibility
It ranks the applicant using – Location, Industry, Experience, Job Type as Job criteria
Applicant Tracking System

View Current Status
View and Change the status of the status of the applicant
View Applicant details by:

– All Applicants
– Screening Round
– Telephone Round
– Interview Round
– Skill check Round
– Background check Round
– Reference check Round

Based on interaction with applicant – edit selection round, rate candidate, contact, add comment, delete or Select Candidate
Applicant Tracking System

Search Applicants
Search Applicants by First Name, Last Name, email address, Selection Round or Applicant ID
Applicant Tracking System

List of Selected applicants
View list of selected cadidates

Also send offer letter and create an Excel Report
Applicant Tracking System

Send Offer Letter
Send offer letter to selected candidates
Applicant Tracking System

Candidate Status
Update whether Candidate has joined or declined the job
Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking Software generates various Reports that can give a dashboard of applicant status to employers
like – Applicant pipeline, Screening Round, Telephone Round, Interview Round, Skill check Round, Background check Round, Reference check Round, Selected, Joined, Declined etc
It also gives Round wise reports like New, In Process, Rejected, Approved and Applicant Round/Status Report, Date wise Applied Applicants
Applicant Tracking System

Round Wise Reports
Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Round/Status Reports
Applicant Tracking System

Date Wise Applied Applicants
Icon meaning:
Applicant Tracking System For new state
Applicant Tracking System Processing State
Applicant Tracking System Completed Status
Applicant Tracking System Final Status completed
Applicant Tracking System Applicant Selected
Applicant Tracking System Applicant Status Reset
Applicant Tracking System Status under process
Applicant Tracking System Status completed but waiting
Applicant Tracking System Status completed (selected)
Applicant Tracking System Status completed but rejected