What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system is an online application that maintains the records of all applicants. Applicant tracking system automates the online job application and resume tracking process including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes.

Growing number of employees has made the recruitment process extremely complicated. Big companies, especially in the IT and FMCG sectors hire hundreds of employees every month to meet the needs of their HR department. These companies have big recruitment teams, but still they cannot recruit efficiently. So there is a need for online applicant tracking system.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

Many companies spend over 50% of their time in sourcing and matching resumes on job portals and internal databases.
Applicant tracking system enables companies to create a database of candidates and the current job openings. The system automatically matches the openings and the candidates and gives the recruiter a list of short-listed applicants only.
It can also send automated emails to the selected candidates. This is a very beneficial step in the recruitment process as it cuts down the searching time drastically and frees-up time for the recruitment teams to do more important tasks like scheduling interviews.

With the help of an efficient applicant tracking system companies can:

  • Reduce hiring and administrative costs and make do with lesser recruiters
  • Find suitable candidates faster to meet your company’s growing needs
  • Make your company’s recruitment process more efficient
  • Lower hiring liability
  • Enhance applicant experience with your company

Ejobsitesoftware.com offers advanced technology that helps your company in tracking candidates throughout the recruitment cycle and eases the process of selecting the best-fit candidates.

Company can maintain a database of CVs in digital format, automatically pull out the right CVs based on the criteria mentioned by the recruiter, send automated mails to the selected candidates, manage interview times and schedules, track candidates, send automated communication emails, and enable easier and faster recruitment.

Job seekers can also take advantage of this advanced system. They can search jobs based on many criteria including location, qualification, categories, company, experience, and keywords.

Apart from the usual features the system also offers them a host of unique capabilities including: search results filtering; quick registration; easy profile creation and updation; list view of jobs applied for; capability to have private, public and confidential resumes and covering letters; features to view, edit, copy, delete, send, print, activate, deactivate and duplicate resumes; and more.

They can also submit resumes to any HR staff with just one click. Automated communication and interview notices from employer can be received too.

With ejobsitesoftware.com’s powerful applicant tracking system employers, HR recruiters, consultants, and job-seekers can experience a streamlined and professional recruitment cycle. It automates all time-consuming tasks and significantly reduces recruitment process time and cost.

Sourcing and screening the right candidates will become a breeze with ejobsitesoftware.com’s innovative applicant tracking system.