Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant Tracking Software automates the entire hiring process by enabling online resume tracking and applicant selection process.
It simplifies reviewing, responding to resumes and enables selecting the best candidate for the job

Applicant Tracking

Using Applicant Tracking System, an Employer can:

  • View Resume
  • Compare Resumes
  • Check Resume Match vs Job profile
  • Rate the Applicant
  • Screen the Applicant
  • Track the applicant selection round
  • Inform the applicant about his Status
  • Generate Report about Applicants
  • Notify for the Interview Round
  • Do the Final selection online

Applicant Tracking Software automates the hiring process and selection of the applicants online

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What is Applicant Tracking System?

Applicant tracking system is an online application that maintains the records of all applicants who have applied for the job.


It automates the online job application and resume tracking process including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes

It also gives Round wise reports like New, In Process, Rejected, Approved and Applicant Round/Status Report, Date wise Applied Applicants

The Applicant Tracking generates various Reports that can give a dashboard of applicant status to employers like:

  • Applicant pipeline
  • Screening Round
  • Telephone Round
  • Interview Round
  • Skill check Round
  • Background check Round
  • Reference check Round
  • Applicant Selected
  • Applicant Joined
  • Applicant Declined

Most companies these days use technology and software tools like ATS to hire the best candidates.

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Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software

Most companies spend a lot of their time in sourcing and matching resumes on job portals and internal databases.
Applicant tracking Software enables companies to create a database of candidates and the current job openings

Applicant Tracking Software

The system automatically matches the openings and the candidates and gives the recruiter a list of short listed applicants only

It can also send automated emails to the selected candidates

This is a very beneficial step in the recruitment process as it cuts down the searching time drastically and frees-up time for the recruitment teams to do more important tasks like scheduling interviews

With the help of an efficient applicant tracking Software companies can:

  • Reduce hiring and administrative costs and make do with lesser recruiters
  • Find suitable candidates faster to meet your company’s growing needs
  • Make your company’s recruitment process more efficient
  • Lower hiring liability
  • Enhance applicant experience with your company
  • Go paperless and access all data online from any place offers advanced technology that helps your company in tracking candidates throughout the recruitment cycle and eases the process of selecting the best-fit candidates

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Features in Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking system gathers job requirements, automatically posts those requirements to the career site, qualifies job applicants, processes resumes, matches candidates with the requirements, shortlists candidates, and sends automated emails to selected candidates.

It also has a hiring manager portal along with the range of other features.

Features of Applicant Tracking System:

  • Track the applicant
  • Automate the selection process
  • Inform the Jobseeker about his Status
  • Generate Report about Applicants
  • Know the selection status of the particular Jobseeker
  • Check the applicant profile
  • Compare two Resumes
  • Check Resume Match vs Job
  • Rate the Jobseeker selection rounds
  • Do the Screening, Interview and Final selection

Features in Applicant Tracking System:

Efficient recruitment is the key to success for any businesses as it can automate the hiring processes.
Using online recruitment software with ATS can improve a company’s productivity and improve efficiency.
Placement Companies, Recruiting Agencies, Executive Search and Staffing Firms as well as corporate recruitment staff must implement and use an Applicant Tracking Software.


Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking


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