Benefits of Ejobsitesoftware provides the best Open Source Job Board Software
Over the past few years we have completed over 300 Job Board installations

We understand what our client needs when it comes to an end-to-end recruitment system and have worked successfully with clients based worldwide

In a relatively short period of time, it has become the preferred choice for organizations, employers, recruiters, internet entrepreneurs, webmasters and consultants who want to add value to existing applications and job boards.

Our Job Board Software benefits all the three stakeholders, i.e Job Seekers, employers and job board administrator

Job Seekers:

When candidates are actively searching for their next job they want to be able to set the ideal criteria. Initially candidates will start with a fairly narrow and very specific search. They may, of course, need to widen their job search later on in the process if they do not achieve the desired results

Solution: Ejobsitesoftware offers a system with advanced functionality to enable candidate’s to set specific filters (job searches with keywords, by location, by job category, by company, experience, by recently posted jobs or by US Zip code)

Benefits of Job Board Software


Recruitment businesses today need to be dynamic, competitive and highly productive. Employers are looking for automated systems that reduce the administrative burden, streamline processes and speed up their capability to deliver with accuracy and speed. They are looking for a system that manages the end-to-end recruitment cycle in the most efficient way possible.

Solution: Ejobsitesoftware offers that end-to-end solution to recruitment businesses. It offers such functionality to manage the registration and accounts for all colleagues involved in recruiting, functionality that allows companies to set up their own profiles and add their company logo, a system that manages job postings and adverts, gives access to resume databases, applicant tracking and the ability to set up auto-responder emails.

Ejobsitesoftware has a built-in Applicant Tracking System for employers. Applicant Tracking System automates the online job application and resume tracking process . It simplifies reviewing, responding to resumes and selecting the best applicant for the job We understand the pressures and demands on your recruitment business today. It’s critical to our success we offer our clients practical and manageable solutions that work.

Benefits of Job Board Software


With our considerable experience in designing, developing and managing high quality recruiting job boards we have the capability to customize all our client’s requirements. Our software is easy to use, completely automated and requires no technical skills to administer.

It has the flexibility to change the look and feel of the home page and the site through its theme management system and its fully customizable CSS-based design and layout

Benefits of Job Board Software

We offer a fully customizable solution that meets the specific needs of your industry or location and provides all the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage a profitable job board business.

We offer simplicity and effectiveness in our solutions, low prices and a strong focus on customer service.

To setup a custom Job Board, pl. contact us with your requirement