Recruitment CRM Software

Recruitment CRM is software and productivity tool that helps a company manage the hiring process online and increases productivity

Recruitment Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an essential tool for your staffing firm. It centralizes all data and hiring activities generated by your recruiting team across different platforms. is open source recruitment CRM helps you track all your emails, data, automate your tasks.

Features of Recruitment CRM

  • Central repository of database of jobseekers, employers and applicants
  • Applicant Tracking System – To manage candidates from application to selection
  • Contact Management – Receive Messages from Employers and Jobseekers
  • Forum and blog – To post engaging user generated content
  • Auto responders – Respond immediately and offer job and resume alerts
  • Actively track and manage entire recruitment information on Dashboard
  • Send Newsletters and create engaging email campaigns
  • Insightful reports that show analytics of jobseekers, employers and candidates
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view jobs

Benefits of Recruitment CRM Software
The main benefit of Recruitment CRM software for recruiters is that it makes candidate relationship management easier and faster. Other benefits include:

  • All in One Software for Recruitment and Staffing Agencies
  • It is Open source recruitment CRM software and a company can make any changes
    in code or design
  • Simplify repetitive tasks so that your company can concentrate on recruitment
  • Solution to manage all Candidates, employer’s jobs & staff from one admin panel
  • Built-in Applicant Tracking System which manages the entire application process
  • Intelligently captures employer and jobseeker data
  • Connects entire team on single platform
  • Accelerate your entire recruiting process & save time
  • Developed for agencies of all sizes
  • Helps you manage and build relationships with candidates
  • CRM enables sales teams use to manage their sales process and store records
  • One place to store all customer information Recruitment CRM enables recruiters to:
Reduce time to hire by eliminating manual data entry and automating the recruitment process

Increase productivity with collaborative hiring by engaging with companies and jobseekers

Recruitment CRM software enables recruiters to have a two way communication with candidates. It increases candidate engagement and improves candidate relationships

Recruitment CRM software helps recruiters to manage their process of candidate acquisition

Recruitment CRM software enables recruiters to receive communication from potential and future candidates

It allows recruiters to effectively manage the entire recruitment process

Recruitment CRM help you pursue new business while getting the most from your existing client relationships Recruitment CRM allows recruiters to automate all aspects of staffing and recruiting. From job posting to candidate placement, online recruitment CRM improves your overall hiring experience.