Self Hosted Recruitment Software

In a self hosted environment you can install the recruitment software on your webhost or web server in your domain name. provides self hosted Recruitment Software. We install the software on client’s server.

There are several advantages of a Self Hosted Recruitment Software:

1. Customization
In self hosted recruitment software any customization is possible. You can edit the design, branding, pages, software forms, fields, dashboard etc.

2. Branding
Self hosted recruitment software allows complete Integration with the existing site. You can change the design to be in consistent with your company colour, logo, layout etc thereby delivering a consistent brand image

3. Design
We can design a custom career page or theme based on your feedback. The page can be modified as per your feedback in terms of logo, colour combination, layout, text etc.

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4. Data Security
Since the software is hosted on your server, you own the data. You can back up the data on your webhost and be rest assured. Also you can comply with GDPR and other country data protection guidelines which insist that data be stored within the country

5. Ownership
Company owns the software and can resell the software or the business anytime without any obligation

6. Lower Costs
While in cloud software, costs appear to be low in the beginning, it increases exponentially when number of users increase. While in a self hosted recruitment software there is only one time cost and no monthly or yearly subscription fees. There are no unexpected costs in future.

7. Control
You have full control of the software and your developer can modify all aspects of the software as per your requirement

There are several advantages of self hosted recruitment software as compared to cloud software. This include costs, control, security, support and in overall management of recruitment software. provides the best self hosted software for an all inclusive cost of $600. It includes annual hosting, custom career page and installation.