Hiring Software

Hiring software is a term for software, systems and application that are used in the Hiring process.
It covers the various recruitment modules covering the entire spectrum of the Hiring cycle i.e. from sourcing candidates to short listing, interviewing and eventually recruiting them.
Hiring Software completely automates the Hiring process.

Features of Hiring Software

a. Post Jobs
Recruiters can post jobs and attract candidates for various vacant positions in the company

b. Search Applicants
Recruiters can search resumes and jobseeker information in the software

c. Applicant Tracking Systems
Using Applicant Tracking system recruiters can track the entire hiring cycle. It provides a hiring funnel of candidate selection phase from viewing job applicant resumes to recruitment

d. Database of candidates
Hiring software provides a single database of resumes and candidate information

e. Easy to use User interface
Hiring Software has an easy to use UI using which job seekers can apply for jobs and employers can post jobs – online

f. Career site
Online Hiring Software can be setup as a career site along with the company website with the same company branding and logo and jobseekers can apply for open job positions

add resume
view jobs

Benefits of Hiring Software

a. Remove Paper work
All job seeker and recruitment data is stored online and paperwork is reduced considerably

b. Save time
Since the hiring software is Online, it saves recruiters and hiring managers a lot of time

c. Stay Organized

Since all data is stored at one site it helps recruiters to view candidate pipeline and always stay organized

d. Streamline Hiring process
Hiring software streamlines all the recruitment process from posting jobs, reviewing resumes to hiring candidates

e. User experience
Hiring software provides a better user experience to candidates as they can upload resume online

f. View Reports
Company can view all reports like number of active jobs, jobseekers, applicants, interviews, selected candidates etc in a single dashboard which give an insight into the entire hiring process

g. Automate hiring process
Online hiring software completed automates the candidate sourcing process and streamlines all admin related tasks

h. Mobile
Most people are now shifting to doing work on mobile phones. Using responsive hiring software candidates can apply for jobs via mobile phone

Using ejobsitesoftware.com online Hiring Software a company can automate the entire hiring life cycle, save time and money.

By removing paperwork and automating candidate search functions, the ejobsitesoftware.com hiring software makes it easier for companies to search and hire candidates. From posting jobs to reviewing CV’s and interviewing candidates, hiring software streamlines and automates the entire hiring process.