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Top 10 Applicant Tracking Software

To bring new talent into the company, you need to recruit new people and to make recruitment process more streamlined. And for that you need an Applicant Tracking Software. An Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a system which manages your recruitment process and simultaneously saves time, effort during your talent acquisition process.

ATS can do tasks like screening, interview scheduling, candidate tracking, comparison and assessment generation, message distribution, and saves all hiring related data at one place.

Applicant Tracking Software industry will grow at an unprecedented rate of CAGR 7.9% from 2020 to 2025 and the total market of this industry will reach $1.94 billion by 2025. Covid-19 pandemic has affected the entire industry and forced them to digitalize their daily routines. Companies are now looking for the solutions which will help them to grow more and simultaneously reduce the workload. But with thousands of software products out there, it really becomes hard to select anyone as opting the wrong product can lead to unproductivity, increase in workload, and wastage of resources.

To reduce your struggle, we decided to create a complete solution guide for you to select the best Applicant Tracking Software. We also added our custom-made list of Top 10 ATS so you can spend less time searching things and more time on the things you love doing.

Must have features of Applicant Tracking Software:

Applicant Tracking Software are designed to help companies attract, recruit and onboard best talent more efficiently. A good ATS can help you enhance the quality of hires; maintain OFCCP and EEO compliance, and saves hiring related data at one database.

Like choosing any HR software, choosing the right ATS which help does all required work is not that easy.So here is our guide of ATS.

  • Career Page

Having a career page where you list your free positions in your company is the first step. Almost every single ATS let`s you manage career page directly from their software. The perfect ATS would be the one who let`s you easily set up, provides a option to add photos, brand logos, job descriptions, social page links, and freedom of adding any custom thing you want.

The other important thing you must take in account should be the UI of the page. The page interface should align with your company`s design philosophy.

  • Receiving and sorting applications

After you have posted your job openings, you will start receiving hundreds or maybe thousands of applications. ATS should have a feature to easily receive and sort applications which meet the job requirement criteria. All application data should be stored at one database for easy handling and viewing.

These days, Applicant Tracking Software`s use artificial intelligence to increase automation and do screening, shortlisting resumes on basis of your current employee resumes.

  • Data Storage and team collaboration

Whenever someone applies for the listed job, their resumes get stored in the ATS. System stores all data even after the job position get filled so you can refer to this anytime you want.This let`s you keep track of all the great candidates which might be a great fit for your next job opening.

Team collaboration is another great feature which let`s your team work together in the recruiting process. This reduces time and saves effort while selecting the right team guy for your job. You can effortlessly share applicant information with your team, give different roles to different team player, and control which information should be accessible by which team member.

  • Interview scheduling and Onboarding tools

After creating your careers page, receiving and sorting applications, andviewing their resumes. It`stime to interview the applicants to check the perfect match for your job position. Using interview scheduling feature, you can personally and quickly message candidates. You can communicate with them, ask them anything you need to know and schedule the interviews. You can also add chatbots for automating this process and reply to their FAQs about the posting.

The ATS will brief both the candidate and the employer reminding interview start time. This reduces the effort, saves times and boosts productivity.

After completing the interview process, it is time to onboard the employee.You can easily automate onboarding process by using the ATS and immediately onboard employee. ATS can send a welcome message to the new team member, introduce them your organization, and briefing them about their job.You can also add a new section where the employee can fill out the required details before jumping to their job.

After completing reading this guide, you will be well informed about your decision to purchase an ATS for your company.

Top 10 Applicant Tracking Software

1. Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo is a cloud-based tool that can be used for talent recruiting process, development, and retention process. With its end-end automation of talent hiring process, it can be easily molded according to your company demands. Taleo provides a free demo option too, so you can try it out before purchasing it.

Taleo has 3 pricing plans for businesses: Emerging EDU starts at $29/month, Developing EDU starts at $54/month, and at last Developed EDU which starts at $83/month. For retaining the talent, Taleo offers a career development course. Oracle Taleo can be used by companies of all sizes.


  • Effortless recruitment marketing
  • Integration of social media tools for increased employee referrals
  • Cloud platform let`s you access data from anywhere and anytime
  • Excellent integration support of tons of apps

2. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is an all in one software which provides a wide variety of automated processes for the recruitment process. It is best suited for medium-large scale companies who want to get a deep insight of applicant tracking. It has found that it helps in improving the rate of placement of candidates by up to 43% while making the whole process smoother and more Optimized than ever.
Its Predictive intelligence provides intelligent insights into the candidate’s activity while providing some other useful features like mass mailing and SMS too.

Bullhorn offers four pricing packages, Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Price for this tool starts at $99 per user per month.


  • Automated Applicant tracking and Recruiting.
  • Closed-loop VMS, LinkedIn Recruiter integration is available.
  • Provide solutions for automated intermediate and secondary solutions.
  • Google Chrome extension allows to easily add candidate information without leaving the job board.

3. IBM Kenexa

IBM Kenexa BrassRingis a cloud-based Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) that uses behavior marketing to attract and engage with the talent. The software offers plenty of hiring tools for end-to-end management. Being a cloud-based software, you can access it from anywhere and
anytime through any Mac or Mobile device.


  • The software has the potential to recruit from anywhere
  • Highly effective for assessments
  • Recruitingthrough social media can be done

4. Jobvite

Jobvite is another entry in the cloud based ATS. Jobvite offers social recruiting, itlets you make and manage highly optimized career websites, Interview and onboarding tools, Requisitions, and Employee Referrals. This software works best for medium and large-scale organizations. Mobile is also available to easily view any data you want. Jobvite has not mentioned the prices but as per online reviews, Jobvite charges $4000/year for 26-50 employees and $100,000/year for 2,501-5,000 employees.


  • Excellent employee referral capabilities
  • Automated candidate ranking based on screening and interviews
  • Flexibility of applying from both computers as well as mobiles
  • All candidate conversation chats are put in a single record
  • Option of searching candidates through names, keywords, location, workflow or date of submission

5. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is one of the best Applicant TrackingSoftware meant for small and midsizedcompanies (less than 1000 people). Being a cloud-based software, it comes with a friendly User interface which helps you in navigation. Some of the most promising features which make Bamboo HR one of the best are inapplicant tracking software for easy on boarding of candidates, integrated payroll, e-signatures, performance management, time-off tracking, easy reporting , interview scheduling, candidate tracking, assessments, etc. You can also effectively manage your employee information with its Human Resource Information System (HRIS Software).


  • Benefits, compensation, automated onboarding and employee management tools.
  • Modern yet convenient mobile app with friendly user interface (UI).
  • Latest tools for effectively measuring employee engagement.
  • Easy integration with social media platforms and job boards.

6. iCIMS

iCIMS has been in the ATS industry from almost a decade and over these years they have developed their ATS to become one of the most prominent. iCIMS caters to more than 4000 clients which also include 20% of the Fortune 100 companies. It includes features like Recruitment Marketing Suite, Enhanced Communication Suite, Hiring and UNIFi Suites.

The average price for a company of 51-100 employees is $6,000/year and if the strength goes beyond 5,000 employees, charges will be $1,40,000/year.


  • Better Job advertising management
  • Enhanced search through collab with social media platforms and Google
  • Screening and assessments can be seen in real time
  • Customizable dashboard with variety of tools

7. ADP

ADP is an ultra-modern software which offers a variety of a variety of HR management solutions consisting of benefits, intelligence management, achieve payroll, time and attendance management, analytics, benchmarking and many other quintessential tools. ADP covers every single function which you would possibly need to successfully run your organization. Deep insights and remarkable UI/UX of the software boosts your productivity.

ADP has 4 different packages. Essential Payroll, Enhanced Payroll, Complete Payroll, HR plus, and HR Pro. The prices are not mentioned on the website but as per online reviews it costs you $300/month.


  • Manual data entry is reduced
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Perfect match for companies of all sizes
  • 360-degree feedback

8. Greenhouse

Greenhouse is each Applicant Tracking and Recruiting tool which helps in optimizing the recruitment method with higher ease. Also, it has a committed mobile app which is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. It is additionally suitable for one-of-a-kind organizations weather it is a Medium or a Large Business it is appropriate for each thus making it a valid candidate for our list.

Greenhouse offers 3 packages, Core, Pro, and Enterprise. Pricing for these plans is no longer referred to via the company. As per the web reviews, the rate may also be up to $6000 per year for 20 to 25 people whereas for massive corporations with extra than 10000 employees, the price may also be more than $25000 per year.


  • Candidates can be easily tracked through scorecards
  • Customizable career pages, emails
  • Easy collaboration with hiring teams

9. Manatal

Manatal is a cloud-based recruiting software for company HR’s and recruitment agencies. It offers a excellent combination of ATS equipment as nicely as some new and modern AI-Powered features. It also offers distinctive range of equipment that streamlines the recruitment procedure of the candidates as well as featuring both an exceptional diagram and functionality ratio which makes a commendable recruitment software.

It additionally has some special features like social media enrichment of capable candidate profiles and many different AI driven aspects like scoring and recommendation of candidates. While being an optimized platform it offers an easy and modern user experience.


  • Easy to use
  • CRM tools are provided
  • AI features are integrated
  • Referral management and Onboarding tools

10. Smart Recruiters

SmartRecruiters provides Applicant tracking, collaborative hiring, and recruitment advertising all together as a complete bundle additionally it is a cloud-based hiring software program which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime around the globe. Also being multiplatform software, it is suitable for any business kind that being a small, medium or a massive Business for this reasons every other promising candidate for our top 10 list.

SmartRecruiters provides free use for up to first 10 hires. Package prices start from $10,000/year and vary as per the number of employees.


  • Excellent CRM and Sourcing capabilities
  • Creation of mobile friendly career sites
  • Interviews can be scheduled
  • Integration tools for social media – Job Board Software has a built in Applicant Tracking System that can track the recruitment process right from job posting through to applicant screening selection and hiring.

The features of Applicant Tracking system are:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Online job posting
  • Job application
  • Resume processing
  • Resume screening and extraction
  • Edit applicant round and current status
  • Continuous candidate tracking
  • Automated correspondence
  • Reports

The ATS enables the hiring managers to manage the recruitment process online. They can manage each stage of the process mentioned above and monitor work to assess different stages of recruitment cycle.

Applicant Tracking Software can tremendously reduce your workload and increase employee productivity. This guide covered all major modules and companies in the ATS sector. You are now ready to go and if you don`t have enough time for searching just select from anyone from our list.

Resume Match Software

Recruiters are often overwhelmed with trying to sort through thousands of resumes in order to find the best candidates. Resume Matching Software allows recruiters to quickly and accurately match candidates to open positions.

It automatically scans the application and resume – looking for specific keywords, experience, education, and location. Thus hiring becomes more effective when you use resume matching software.

Problem faced by most Recruiters
Every job posting attracts a large number of applicants. More than 90% of these applications go unnoticed by the hiring manager. This is due to the fact that employers’ application tracking system rejects resumes that do not fit the job description.
Finding the perfect candidate based on previous experience is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of a recruiter’s job.

What is Resume Matching?
Resume matching is a process used by software to identify candidates with required qualifications quickly. It calculates the match rate based on category, experience, education, etc
This can help recruiters find the best applicant for the job, more easily and efficiently rather than trying to match applicants against one another manually.

How does resume matching software work?
Resume matching software uses and algorithm that helps recruiters locate, sort, and match resumes with job postings.
All one needs to do is type in the job title and keywords on the Resume search page and the software does the rest.

The benefits of Resume Matching Software
Resume matching score gives a more accurate representation of candidates seeking employment. It facilitates the recruitment process for both employers and potential employees and automates resume matching.
Companies and recruiters can use this information to short list the candidate and call for interview.

Check Resume Match Demo:
1. In the job requirement, analyze the job description, location, industry, experience of the position that are the most important for the job requirement

Employer login – Active Jobs – Resume weight
2. Add the corresponding resume weight amount in the fields so total is 100%
resume match
3. This resume match is visible in – Applicant Tracking
It matches your resume’s main parameters to the job listing and displays the Resume Match %

Resume Matching is an essential part of the hiring process. Job Board Software not only provides you with Applicant tracking system but also get resumes ranked and matched to job openings. It uses state of the art algorithm to scan resumes and provide the most accurate match rate calculation.
Resume matching software can help your company find the right candidate for the position by allowing you to connect with job seekers who have the skills and qualifications to do the job.
Contact us for using the Resume Match Software and hire the best talent.

Recruiting software

Recruiting software is a software tool used by recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, and hiring managers to streamline or automate the recruitment workflow. It includes functions such as sourcing, selecting, screening, and interviewing candidates.

Tools to source candidates, screen resumes, select a shortlist, interview applicants, and collaborate with hiring managers are all part of the recruiting software. It can be highly efficient in various ways including- Sourcing, Applicant tracking, Recruiting analytics, Pre-hire assessment and background checking and on-boarding.

Recruiting software has several features that recruiting and talent acquisition teams look for in recruiting efficiently. Nowadays most Recruitment Software are SaaS based and all data is hosted online.

Company Recruitment site

What does recruiting software do?

The hiring process has many intricate steps, from posting job ads to multiple job boards to screening hundreds of resumes to preparing and sending job offers – managing and tracking the whole process via email and spreadsheets.
It is time-consuming and makes record-keeping or reporting difficult if not often impossible.

That’s where recruiting software comes in; organizations can have the hiring tools they need gathered in one place, where all the necessary information is organized in a clear way. Also, a good system allow smooth collaboration among various stakeholders i.e. hiring teams, candidates, recruiters, HR in that centralized location, eliminating cumbersome back-and-forth emails or needless confusion.

This helps candidates too: this type of software simplifies the job application process, makes for more informative careers pages and streamlines scheduling and communication between candidates and the company.

Here are some of the widely used Recruiting Software Tools Of 2021

Top Job Aggregators:

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Google For Jobs
  • ZipRecruiter

Top Stand-Alone Applicant Tracking Systems

  • iCIMS
  • SmartRecruiters
  • Lever
  • Greenhouse

Top Human Capital Management Software

  • Ceridian
  • SAP SuccessFactors
  • Workday
  • Oracle Cloud HCM, 
  • ADP
  • Top Recruitment CRMs
  • Yello
  • Beamery
  • Avature
  • Top Talent Intelligence System
  • Ideal
  • Top Video Interviewing Tools
  • HireVue
  • VidCruiter
  • Interviewstream
  • Top Testing & Assessment Tools
  • Criteria Corp
  • Berke Assessment
  • HackerRank
  • Traitify
  • SHL

Advanced innovation in recruitment technology is poised to change the recruiter role in 4
major ways:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Speeding up screening
  • Reducing unconscious bias
  • Creating a talent advisory function

Streamlining and automating the recruiting workflow will allow recruiters to become more human as it frees up more of our time. This will allow recruiters to spend more time exploring candidates’ needs and desires and partnering with hiring managers and executives to plan strategic recruiting initiatives.

Beyond that overarching purpose of providing skilled workforce, each recruitment software provider covers the entire recruiting needs of organizations. Recruitment software aims to make life easier for hiring teams and offer a better experience to candidates.

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