Resume Search Software

A resume or CV is a document used by a person to showcase their education, background, skills, work experience, location and achievements. Most jobs require applicants to submit a resume as the initial part of the job application process.

The hiring process for nearly every company has moved online nowadays and it has changed the way people apply for jobs. Jobseekers post resumes online and employer’s search and shortlist resumes on job boards or career sites. Resume Search Software enables companies to search resumes in database online.

What is Resume Search Software

A Resume Search Software is a powerful tool that enables a company to search and filter through thousands of resumes so they can find candidates for open positions.
Jobseekers post their resume using an online resume builder. They can add education, address, work experience, social media details etc.
Employers use job boards or career sites to advertise their job openings and encourage candidates to submit their resumes.

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Benefits of Resume Search Software

Automate the hiring process
Resumes are stored online so recruiters can search, shortlist and select candidates easily
and automate the entire hiring process

Find the Highest Quality Candidates
Recruiters can do a custom search for highest rated education institutes or companies and
select premium candidates

Search thousands of Resumes
Recruiters can search through thousands of Resumes stored online in database and shortlist

View Resumes
Recruiters can view resume details online – like name, age, address, educational
qualifications, and previous employment of a candidate

View photo
Recruiters can view photo and video of candidates

Employers can use the applicant tracking system and track the candidate online from short listing to Interview and final selection

Resume Alerts
Get new resumes matching your criteria by email

Connects you with quality candidates
A resume software enables to you email or message candidate and correspond with them

Download Resume
Recruiter can view and download resume to local PC

Rate Resumes
Employers can rate resumes and write comments

Features of Resume Search Software
Resume search software enables recruiters to do a detailed search and select most desirable

Resume Search can be done for candidates with different combinations of skills, experience,
location, freshness of resume, etc.

Filter Resume Search by:

  • Search Resumes by Category
    Search by business e.g. Oil and Gas, accounting, software development, customer service etc.
  • Search Resumes by Location
    Search by country, state, city etc
  • Search Resumes by Keyword
    Recruiters can perform a keyword search
  • Search Resumes by Job Type
    Search by job type like full time, freelance, part time jobs
  • Search Resumes by Resume date
    Search for candidates who have posted resume in last week or last month

Resume Resumes Alerts
Sign up for resumes alerts and get new resumes by email

Resume Search Software by enables a company to setup a career site or job board and enable jobseekers to submit resumes online using Resume Builder. And it allows employers to search and save resume by industry, education, job title, location etc.

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