Resume Match Software

Recruiters are often overwhelmed with trying to sort through thousands of resumes in order to find the best candidates. Resume Matching Software allows recruiters to quickly and accurately match candidates to open positions.

It automatically scans the application and resume – looking for specific keywords, experience, education, and location. Thus hiring becomes more effective when you use resume matching software.

Problem faced by most Recruiters
Every job posting attracts a large number of applicants. More than 90% of these applications go unnoticed by the hiring manager. This is due to the fact that employers’ application tracking system rejects resumes that do not fit the job description.
Finding the perfect candidate based on previous experience is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of a recruiter’s job.

What is Resume Matching?
Resume matching is a process used by software to identify candidates with required qualifications quickly. It calculates the match rate based on category, experience, education, etc
This can help recruiters find the best applicant for the job, more easily and efficiently rather than trying to match applicants against one another manually.

How does resume matching software work?
Resume matching software uses and algorithm that helps recruiters locate, sort, and match resumes with job postings.
All one needs to do is type in the job title and keywords on the Resume search page and the software does the rest.

The benefits of Resume Matching Software
Resume matching score gives a more accurate representation of candidates seeking employment. It facilitates the recruitment process for both employers and potential employees and automates resume matching.
Companies and recruiters can use this information to short list the candidate and call for interview.

Check Resume Match Demo:
1. In the job requirement, analyze the job description, location, industry, experience of the position that are the most important for the job requirement

Employer login – Active Jobs – Resume weight
2. Add the corresponding resume weight amount in the fields so total is 100%

3. This resume match is visible in – Applicant Tracking
It matches your resume’s main parameters to the job listing and displays the Resume Match %

Resume Matching is an essential part of the hiring process. Job Board Software not only provides you with Applicant tracking system but also get resumes ranked and matched to job openings. It uses state of the art algorithm to scan resumes and provide the most accurate match rate calculation.
Resume matching software can help your company find the right candidate for the position by allowing you to connect with job seekers who have the skills and qualifications to do the job.
Contact us for using the Resume Match Software and hire the best talent.