The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Successful Job Board

A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching and Monetizing Your Own Job Board Download Now With the advent of the internet and digitalization, job boards have become an essential tool for companies to hire and job seekers to find new opportunities. A job board is an online platform where companies post job openings, and job seekers can … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Job Board Software

Everything You Need to Know to Build a Successful Job Board Download Now The use of technology has revolutionized various industries, and the recruitment industry is no exception. With the increasing demand for job boards, it is essential to have efficient and effective job board software. Job board software helps companies and recruiters to post … Read more

Accept Online Payments on the Job Board

Our Job Board Software – allows you to use PayPal and Stripe payment gateway to process credit card payments online. Payment gateway allows customers to pay online using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, bitcoin etc. It helps job board to accept payments online without having to worry about the credit card security and … Read more

How to Conduct Online Tests, Quiz, Video Interviews and Assessments of Employees?

Online testing and assessments have become popular over the world. The tests are accessible and can be taken by candidates from anywhere in the world. Online tests and assessments are also convenient since they provide instant feedback to employers and based on that employers can check suitability of candidates. Some companies now give priority to … Read more

How to receive job alerts by email?

Email is one of the most popular communication methods. People use email to send messages every day. Most people find email convenient for communicating with friends and family. Employers also use it to notify job applicants of new employment opportunities. What is a Job Alert? When Job Boards help you find relevant jobs and save … Read more

How to Import bulk Jobseeker, Employer, Jobs Data in the Job Board?

In this article, we will cover methods to import jobseeker, employer and jobs data. Job boards allow employers to post openings for their companies and hire applicants directly. After creating an account on a job board, employers search for available jobs by category, location or employer name. A job board becomes popular if it has … Read more

Video Interview Software

Video interview software has been rapidly increasing in popularity due to its many benefits and features. It allows for an interviewer and interviewee to connect from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for a physical meeting. Additionally, video software provides an efficient way to record and store interviews and share them with others. What … Read more – Job Board Software

With the help of recruitment technology, the job searching process has become fast, automated, and less troublesome. Employers are using various tools to maximize their hiring efforts. Job seekers are using different platforms to make the search process robust. Job Boards are now widely used by companies and are able to bridge the gap between … Read more

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