Benefits of Applicant Tracking Software

Applicant tracking Software tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting, resume application through to offer acceptance and hiring. This eases the workload of HR recruiters and placement consultants as most cumbersome and time-consuming tasks are automated.

From easy to use online application forms to easy to search resume database, applicant tracking Software can handle your entire candidate tracking. Many big companies with complex recruitment requirements have implemented Applicant Tracking Software to streamline the entire recruitment cycle. – applicant tracking Software has multiple modules, customized to meet your needs, and offer many benefits to the users.

Advantages of using applicant tracking Software for recruiters:

Minimize time-to-hire
With significant amount of time saving with the real-time features, the time to hire can reduce drastically. The requirements are posted in real-time; job applications and resumes are processed and added to the database as soon as they are submitted; candidates are matched immediately and automated emails are sent to short-listed candidate. All this happens in real-time and is much faster than the manual process. Without the application, recruiters spent days in screening and sourcing the resumes only.

Reduce hiring costs
Each stage of recruitment cycle comes with a cost. There are costs involved in advertising the job opening, managing the job website, doing email campaign to send emails to the selected candidates, managing a big team of in-house recruiters, and administration of all the recruitment tasks. This application cuts down all these costs as it automates the entire process.

Corporate professionalism
With increased efficiency and quality of the hiring process, the impact on the candidates is much better. You can project a better image of your company and show that you value proficiency.

Hiring better candidates
Since the applicant tracking Software matches even minute details in the requirements and applicants’ details; it picks and hot lists only those candidates who meet the requirements most suitably. This ensures that you get only the best-fit employees and increases the chances of employee retention.

Frees up time for HR recruiters
The application takes away all the time-consuming tasks that recruiters have to perform in an organization, thereby enabling them to concentrate on other critical strategic initiatives. They can spend more time in planning interviews, conducting offline recruitment events, and more.

Easier access to applicant details
The Software captures all the candidate details and maintains historical records too so that you can check the background, referrals, requests and resumes whenever you want. It also eliminates information duplication.

Advantages of using applicant tracking Software for job seekers:

Job seekers can also benefit through this application in many ways. The application makes it easier for them to apply for any job.

  • Once they upload their resumes, they can apply with a single click.
  • They can also have different versions of their CVs and covering letters.
  • They can track job openings that suit their experience and qualifications and find jobs with multiple search criteria.
  • They will immediately get an acknowledgement email after they submit.
  • Job seekers can also forward job openings to their friends and colleagues.

There are many other features in this application that are useful for job seekers.

Reduce Time-to-hire And Recruitment costs with – Applicant Tracking Software