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Recruitment Website Design

Recruitment is one of the most important processes in any organization. It helps to bring in new and talented employees, expands business opportunities, and boosts team morale.

Effective recruitment requires recruitment companies to have a website that can help organize candidate searches, screen applicants accurately, generate resumes automatically or manually, track job offers and promotions etc. A recruitment website is designed specifically to assist you with your recruitment goals.

A good recruitment website design can help you reach a larger audience and attract the attention of more potential employers. It can also help you post your resume online, start a job board, and develop a marketing strategy.

Features in a Recruitment Website:

There are basically are 2 main modules

  • Candidates – view jobs and then submit a resume for that particular job
  • Employers or Admin – Post Jobs, manage applications and search resumes

Recruitment website design is one of the most important aspects of a recruitment agency. It is your first point of contact with potential candidates and you need to make sure that it is both professional and attractive.

You should look for a recruitment website builder like – Job Board Software that provides templates that match your needs and has features that will make it easier to update your content in the future.

Types of Recruitment Website Designs:

HTML Website templates
HTML Website templates provide an easy solution to getting the look you want for your website. Even though every framework has its pros and cons, when building a website with an HTML you get the advantage of easier access to the underlying code.

WordPress is an powerful platform that can be used to create beautiful and functional recruitment website without any programming knowledge. WordPress is free and open-source software, and is easy to use by creating a theme
A WordPress theme can be used as a platform for your recruitment website, which will help you create a professional looking site with ease. WordPress themes are designed to provide an easy way to create websites, while still providing you with many design and customization options.

Recruitment Software Themes
Many Recruitment Software companies provide with Themes that gives your website a unique look and feel. Recruitment web design is a key factor in the success of any recruitment website. It is the first impression for any potential candidate and it needs to be done in a professional and attractive manner.

No Code Platforms
If you don’t want to worry about hosting, security, etc. and just want to be online within minutes, you can opt for a no code platform. They are hosted CMS software with separate themes. All themes come with easy-to-follow instructions so editing them is easy.

There are many websites like which provides thousands of HTML templates. There are many different types of recruitment software’s, built with a simple template while others are customized to suit the needs of the customer.

A recruitment website helps an organization recruit new employees. The website will allow me to post jobs, allow people to search for jobs.

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Paid Themes –
WordPress Themes –

Recruitment WordPress Theme

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create a website or blog without any programming knowledge. WordPress is free and open-source software released under the GPLv2. It can be used to create websites from scratch, or to improve or rebuild an existing website using Themes and Plugins.

What is Recruitment Website?

Recruitment Websites are online databases where employers post their job openings. Candidates apply directly to the employer via email or upload their resume. Many websites require applicants to create a profile before applying. Applicants may search for jobs based on location, industry, salary range, or keyword searches.

A recruitment WordPress theme is a WordPress theme that is specifically designed for use in the recruitment process. The design of the recruitment website should be attractive and make it easy for the visitor to navigate through.

They can help you attract more visitors to your website, help you post your resume online, and provide you with other tools that will help you with your recruitment goals.

Features of Recruitment WordPress theme:


  • Sign up/login/View Profile
  • Job search
  • View job/company description
  • Apply for a job
  • Adding/Editing a Resume

Recruitment Company:

  • Register/login/View Profile
  • Post Job
  • Edit Job details
  • View candidate resume
  • View other companies vacancies
  • View Saved Resumes
  • Adding/Editing company Info
  • View applications from candidate

The theme should be fully compatible with different mobile devices of varying screen sizes. And the website and its contents should be SEO optimized to be able to appear in Google searches.

Components of WordPress Theme:

A theme includes a header file, which includes information about the theme’s header and background, stylesheets (css files), and a template file, which is used to generate the website’s content.

You can use any css file, but WordPress usually recommends using WordPress’s own style sheets.

Create a WordPress Theme

Creating a WordPress theme or template is easy. All you need to do is create a directory called themes inside your WordPress installation, and place a theme or template file called style.php in that directory. Check out –
WordPress will then use this file to generate the website’s content. A recruitment WordPress theme is a template for building your own recruitment website.

WordPress Free and Paid Themes

Free Themes has a Theme section – There are many free types of recruitment website templates available for you to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a simple and clean design or something more complex.

Paid Themes

Check out Themeforest – . They have the best collection of paid themes. Also check for recruitment Software with built-in Themes

The first thing to consider when selecting a recruitment WordPress theme is what type of content you want to display. It should match the theme design. If you want to display job listings, then you will need to find a theme that has the necessary features for listing jobs.
Recruitment WordPress Themes along with Plugins are specifically designed to help you with your recruitment goals. We can create a nice, clean and innovative website for your Tech Staffing or Recruitment firm, pl. contact us for free guidance.

Recruitment Website Builder

A website is a key part of a recruitment company’s marketing strategy. It is an essential tool for attracting new employees and providing them with all the information they need about the company and its culture.

Recruitment website builders can help you in building your recruitment website. Website builders come with pre-designed templates which you can use to create your recruitment website. Recruitment Website Builder also come with a number of features like SEO, lead generation, and social media integration that will help you grow your business.

Features of a Recruitment Website Builder

  • Main page should have the list of all the posted jobs and a good search function
  • Each job should have a nice looking page with the details of the job and how to apply
  • Page recruiters with info about why they should post there
  • Connect with our payment gateway (PayPal and Stripe)
  • Easy and quick to post a job and recruiters should also be able to easily edit/update their jobs after it has been published.
  • Recruiters should be able to log in to see all the applications, and also receive the applications by email as they come through
  • Also use it as a Job Board Software where multiple recruiters or companies can post jobs

A recruitment website builder should provide features that match your needs and should make it easier to update the code/content in the future.

Advantages of using a Recruitment Website Builder:

There are many benefits of using a recruitment website builder.

  • A recruitment website builder can help you build your own customised site and save you time, effort and money in the process.
  • They have built-in the most important functionalities i.e. the ability to post new jobs to the and the ability for applicants to submit their resumes to open jobs
  • You can create your own template for your site, which will help you stand out from other recruitment sites.
  • In addition, you can use a builder to create an interactive site with videos, animations and infographics – all without needing any coding knowledge.

Different tools using which you can develop a Recruitment Website:

There are many different tools that can help you build your own recruitment website

a. Recruitment Software

A good recruitment software can automate the entire recruitment process, making it easier for you to manage and track the progress of your job search. It can help you search for jobs, apply for jobs, manage your applications, and track your progress. Recruitment software is an essential part of any recruitment process.

b. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is helps in managing applications for open positions. ATS stores information about each application received and provides access to that information at any time. In addition, the ATS keeps track of the status of each application, such as whether or not the application was submitted, how many times the application was viewed, and who viewed it.

c. WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables users to create a website from scratch, or to improve an existing website. WordPress was initially created by Matt Mullenweg in 2003 and released as open source software. Since its inception, WordPress has become the most popular CMS on the Internet with over 60 million websites using it as their platform. The popularity of WordPress is due in part to its widespread compatibility with different themes and plugins available online.

Many companies use WordPress themes and Plugins for their recruitment websites because it is very economical as compared to other types of custom software’s.

d. No-Code Tools

A no code tool allows a non developer to create advanced web applications in a short period of time. Using a no code look you can setup a recruitment website that includes all of the necessary functionality for running a recruitment website like job listings, candidate profiles, interviews and more. It also includes design templates with branding that match your company’s style.

A good recruitment software with custom website design, and quality jobs can help you streamline your recruitment process and make it easier for candidates to find jobs and apply for them.

If you are looking for a Recruitment website development professional to create a website for a recruitment agency pl. contact us for free guidance.

Recruitment Website Templates

Recruitment website is a website that is built and designed for the purpose of attracting candidates to apply for a job opening or position.

Designing a recruitment website involves custom work. There are many factors to consider, such as the company’s branding, the content and the functionality of the site.

Recruitment websites are typically high-traffic websites that need to be user-friendly and visually appealing. Recruitment website design is one of the most important aspects of a recruitment agency. It is your first point of contact with potential candidates, and you need to make sure that it is both professional and attractive. A good recruitment website design should be user-friendly and easy to navigate; it should also feature a job search engine so that candidates can find the right position quickly and employers can post jobs.

There are many websites which provide readymade templates such as or check out

How to design a Recruitment Website?

Choosing a design begins with the selection of a specific template. Once the template is selected, the designer begins to customise the layout. This includes the selection of columns and tables, the use of images and videos, and the creation of custom menus and widgets. The final step is to test the website using a custom device and layout. If everything looks good, the website can be published on the web.

Features to Look for in a Recruitment Website Design

  • website should be easy to use and navigate
  • it should be fast and responsive
  • it should have a clean, simple design
  • it should have a clear call to action
  • SEO Optimized to rank in Google

Website design is a complex process that requires the selection of a specific template and the customization of the layout to meet the specific needs of your business.

There are the basic design elements that make a website look and feel the same from one page to another. Website templates are pre-designed websites that can be quickly customised to meet the specific needs of your business.

We have a collection of professional Recruitment WordPress Themes & Website Templates for any project.

Contact Us for designing a custom recruitment website template

Recruitment Website

Recruitment Website design and Development provides recruitment website design to recruitment companies, hiring agencies and companies across the world. We create high-quality recruitment websites that enable companies to attract applicants and employers.

A recruitment website is a website that is specifically designed to help employers find and hire employees. It usually contains job listings, articles on the benefits of working for a certain company, and information about the company itself.

When it comes to recruitment, it is important to have a website that is effective and easy to use. This means that the design should be minimalistic and use only the necessary information.

If you want to build a recruitment website for your company, you should check out the ready themes as it will save you time.
We will provide you information and guidance on how to design the perfect recruitment website.

We provide various services for recruitment companies:

Website templates are pre-designed websites that can be quickly customized to meet the specific needs of your business. There are a variety of templates available, including blogs, ecommerce stores, membership sites, and more.

A recruitment website builder is a tool that helps you create your recruitment website. There are many benefits of using this tool and it should be considered before building your own recruitment website from scratch. You can use WordPress CMS or a Job Board Software.

Website design is the process of creating a visually appealing and user-friendly website. It begins with an understanding of what the customer wants and needs, followed by a specification of the necessary features.

The design process typically starts with an idea, followed by a feasibility study, design concept, and finally the development phase. Website themes are the basic design elements that make a website look and feel the same from one page to another.

Theme design considers the overall look and feel of the website, including the header, footer, and background color. It includes the selection of fonts, icons, and images. The theme design can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

A simple theme might include the selection of a single color for the background, while a more complex theme might include the selection of a custom font, layout, and photos.

Readymade Recruitment website themes and templates are helpful because they provide a base for you to use when designing your recruitment website. You can save time and effort by using these templates to create your recruitment website.
A well-designed and easy-to-navigate website will help your business achieve its goals faster than ever before.
Contact us for a free consultation.

Recruitment CRM

The job market today is candidate-driven as the competition for talent is steeper than ever before. Smart employers have begun leveraging recruitment software’s to put them a few steps ahead of the competition.

What is Recruitment CRM?

Recruitment CRM is a software solution that allows organizations to manage all aspects of their recruiting and staffing. From managing recruitment and staffing, the software also helps businesses create nurture, and build relationships with talent. Apart from data for candidates that your organization is currently considering, the software also stores data about candidates that have previously applied, making it some sort of talent intelligence hub.

Benefits of Recruitment CRM

Here are some of the benefits of having a recruitment CRM software solution.

Reduced time-to-hire

One of the features of a good recruitment CRM software solution is the automation of routine and repetitive processes like manual data entry in the process. This leads to a reduction in the time a candidate spends in the recruitment pipeline. This then leads to a higher conversion rate of top talents as the business can close out the process before candidates lose interest or get poached by the competition.

A robust talent pool

Recruitment CRM software makes it possible for a business to track communication with all their candidates on the same platform. This helps keep a healthy relationship with candidates, leading to a rich pool of interview-worthy talent that the business can count on anytime a need arises.

Insights from analytics and reports

An in-depth insight into the details of the hiring process is another benefit of using a recruitment CRM solution. This insight can then help the business make decisions to improve the efficiency of the process. A business can get insight like the most efficient sources, the most effective approach and so on.

Increased Efficiency in hiring

Another direct benefit from using a recruitment CRM software is that an organization can more accurately determine the best fit candidates for a role. This means that there is less hit and miss in the hiring process.

Key features of a Recruitment Software

The successful business experiences in using recruitment CRM software are heavily dependent on the quality and fit of the software being used. There are features that a business should consider in recruitment CRM software before deciding. Here are some of these features:

Seamless software integration

The proliferation of technology in the business space has brought about the introduction of various technologies that have to interact with one another. It is therefore vital that the recruitment CRM software choice can be integrated with other enterprise software.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

Just like in any other part of a business, recruitment has also become data-driven, making an analytics dashboard a must have for any recruitment CRM system. This dashboard would provide a business with insight into what is going well with the recruitment process and what can be improved upon.


Automation is one of the requirements for most modern technology solution. The world is more automation inclined and most enterprise software has some level of automation. It is vital that recruitment CRM software reduces the need for repetitive tasks in the recruitment process so that the workforce can focus on more intuitive tasks.

Career site, resume management, assessments are few of the other features that should be considered. – Job Board Software has built-features of recruitment CRM which enables recruiters and candidates to connect with each other and provide seamless hiring experience for companies.

Final thoughts
The increasing competitiveness of the job market has increased the need for recruitment teams in any business to get it right. Of course, this is easier said than done but with the help of a recruitment CRM software solution, the process can be more seamless.

It is not enough to go for any software off the shelf, careful consideration must be made to ensure that it is the right fit for a business. The right features should also be contained in the selected software.

One of the factors directly responsible for the success of any business is the quality of personnel in the organization. It is simply not enough to have an excellent business plan and execution strategy. Without the right personnel to carry out this plan and strategy, the business will still struggle to be a success, especially in this highly competitive business world.
Therefore, recruitment CRM software has become a must-have in any serious-minded organization.

Top 10 Recruitment Software

A recruiter collaborates with department managers on a regular basis and proactively identifies future hiring needs. They try to attract candidates using various sources, like job boards, social media networks and employee referrals. A recruiter holds an HR background combined with work experience in general HR, full-cycle recruiting including, assessing, screening, and interviewing qualified candidates.

Hiring managers and recruiters rely on recruitment software for talent acquisition. You might ask why recruiters use recruitment software.

To better understand this, let’s check a simple recruitment process.

Whenever a candidate has to be recruited by recruiter, that recruiter has a lot to go through to manage the recruitment process, especially those who belong to some of the very busy industries like IT & Tech, where the most in-demand roles lie these days. Recruiters have to keep track of and consider candidate experience while keeping in mind some other factors, like employee referrals, candidate skills, employee references, and other candidate information. They also need a way to distil this information into a final hiring decision.

Recruiters and hiring managers use various types of recruitment software so that they can amplify their efforts and streamline their recruiting process as much as possible.

However, there are several recruitment software available to choose from. Therefore, we have enlisted the top 10 recruiting software which we evaluated based on some important features like tasks automation, job board integration, and management of passive candidates, On-boarding, Applicant Tracking System, Intelligent Resume Parsing, and Recruiting & Talent analytics.

Features to Look for while Selecting Recruitment Software:

  • Automating time-consuming tasks
  • Candidate management
  • Software integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Recruitment analytics dashboard

Top 10 Recruiting Software

Here are the top 10 most used recruitment software that is available on the market right now.
Let’s explore these one by one.

#1) ZOHO Recruit

ZOHO offers a sliding scale of customizations and integrations which can really expand the possibility to ease the recruitment process. ZOHO Recruit is a great recruiting agency tool with some additional features, like having staffing tools specifically for temporary workers, a jobs-vs-temps report, detailed scheduling calendars, and flexible timesheet approvals.

This tool from the ZOHO suite has been entrusted by over 60 million users around the globe, including teams from some well-known and top-ranking platforms like Amazon, Facebook, HP, Netflix, and KPMG.

It is also great for testing an incoming candidate’s skills, which comes quite handy for many recruiters in recruiting the most fitting candidate.


  • ZOHOcharges $25/user per month and comes with a 14-day free demo.
  • A basic free forever plan is also available with candidate management, emailing, job board connections, and interview scheduling.


  • Easy to use
  • Better candidate engagement reduces drop-off rates
  • Offers intelligent recruitment automation capabilities
  • Better job opening visibility through candidate sourcing feature


  • Hiring process cannot be managed through mobile app
  • Vendor and Client portal access only available in enterprise plan
#2) Manatal

Manatal is cloud-based recruiting software for corporate HR and recruitment agencies. It provides a good combination of ATS tools as well as some new and innovative AI-powered features. It also provides a variety of tools that streamline the recruitment process of candidates, as well as featuring both a great design and functionality ratio, which makes it commendable recruitment software.

It also has some unique features like social media enrichment of capable candidate profiles and many other AI-driven features like scoring and recommendation of candidates. While being an optimized platform, it gives a smooth and modern user experience.

Manatal has two available plans, yearly as well as monthly plans starting at just $15 and $35/user per month.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers AI Features
  • Offers CRM tools
  • Has well-rounded ATS


  • Maximum 1000 resumes can be uploaded per time
  • Weekly automated reports are not available
  • Everything needs to be manually copied from the system admin page
#3) offers employee management system with the ability to track the talent pipeline and engage employees. It also provides various functionalities which makes it a promising candidate for this list like recruitment pipeline, employee wellbeing, on boarding process, and development & learning. also provides day-to-day performance of employees, which ensures the success of the employee from the first day, while its collaboration feature empowers easy communication between employees and their managers, while its automatic reminders feature makes it easy to always stay on top of all possible and potential candidates.

Monday offers fourplans, Basic ($8/seat/month), Standard ($10/seat/month), Pro ($16/seat/month), and Enterprise (Get a quote). A free trial is available for the tool.


  • Easy to use
  • Best for optimizing the recruiting processes
  • Features like performance reviews, meeting handling are added
  • Allows to create your own workflows.


  • Slightly confusing for new users due to lots of facets in a single program.
#4) Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is both an Applicant Tracking and a Recruiting tool which helps in optimizing the recruitment process with greater ease. Also, it has a dedicated mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is also suitable for different businesses, whether it is a medium or a large business, it is suitable for both, thus making it a valid candidate for our list.


  • Greenhouse offers 3 plans: Core, Pro, and Enterprise. Prices are not mentioned by the company.
  • As per the internet reviews, the price may be up to $6000 per year for a team of 20 to 25 people whereas for large company with more than 10,000 employees, the pricescan go up to $25,000 per year.


  • Pipeline view for any role
  • Customizable email templates
  • Career pages and job boards can be easily customized
  • Collaboration with the hiring teams


  • Non availability of creating the questionnaires for interviews

SmartRecruiters offers applicant tracking, collaborative hiring, and recruitment marketing all together as a complete package. It is a cloud-based hiring software which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime around the globe. Also, being multiplatform software, it is suitable for any business type, whether it be a small, medium or large business, thus another promising candidate for our top 10 list.


  • Free version of SmartRecruiters can be used to recruit up to 10 employees
  • Starting from $10,000 per year the price will be decided based on the number of employees and the customized bundle of the product


  • Has complete CRM and Sourcing capabilities
  • Career site compatible with mobiles can be easily created
  • You can schedule follow-up interviews
  • Integration tool for social media


  • Search functionality is limited to predefined options
#6) JobDiva

JobDiva is an all in-one solution comprising of Candidate Relationship Management, Applicant Tracking System, and solutions for back-office processes and Vendor Management System Synchronization power packed into one software for the ease of the recruitment process. It provides a simple and data-rich interface for maintaining job requisitions while also providing the candidates with loads of tools to create and update their resumes, upload documents, and the software through which candidates can easily apply for the job. JobDiva, like its competitors in this list, is also suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and large businesses.


  • You can request for the demo of the product
  • Price starts at $200 per month.


  • Allows you to search the talent by ‘Years of experience’
  • Syncing of Calendar with Outlook or mobiles so that hiring activities, interviews, and dates scheduling will get automatically in calendar
  • Automatic Resume Parsing and File Creation


  • Reporting functionality is not that good
#7) Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox is a full-fledged Applicant Tracking System which helps in building an appealing career site. Also, with this system, you get to know all the information such as all the discussions between recruiters and their candidates, shared evaluations, and all the attached documents in one place, which makes it easy to use as well as easy to access. This is done regardless of where these documents come from, whether it be an email, a career page, or different job boards, it supports all. Recruiterbox, like its competitors in this list, is also suitable for any business type, i.e small, medium, and large businesses.


  • A 14-day free trial is available
  • Recruiterbox offers three packages, Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus
  • Starter plan starts at $199/month, Pro plan starts at $279/month, and Pro Plus plan starts at $309/month.


  • Candidate tracking
  • Creation of customizable application form
  • Once job listing is created, then it gets automatically updated everywhere i.e. career page site, search engines, and social media


  • Doesn`t properly support mobiles
  • Sometimes PDF files won`t work properly
#8) Breezy HR

Breezy HR is a full-fledged Recruiting Software which provides a wide variety of features and functionalities, which in turn helps recruiters in attracting and hiring the best and most promising employees for the job role, while making the whole process smoother and more optimized than ever.

Breezy HR, like its competitors in this list, is also suitable for any business type, i.e small, medium and large businesses. It has a visual drag-and-drop interface. The tools provided in Breezy HR give proper insights into the candidate’s pipeline, thereby making the process easier. These pipelines can be easily customized according to different job roles too, while allowing recruiters to fully automate communication, tasks, scheduling, and follow-ups.


  • Breezy HR offers free trial
  • Breezy HR provides yearly as well as monthly plans
  • There are four plans, Free, Starters ($143/month), Business ($399), and Pro (Get a quote).


  • Team collaboration feature is integrated to help you in making collaborative hiring decisions
  • Tasks like Candidate emails, SMS, scheduling, and interview management can be automated
  • With just a single click, you can advertise your jobs on over 50 job boards


  • Software is not integrated with API to administrate services in the project
  • Flexibility of posting job on every job board is not available
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other available HR tools
#9) Bullhorn

Bullhorn is all in-one recruitment software which provides a wide variety of automated processes for the recruitment process. It has been found that it helps in improving the rate of placement of candidates by up to 43% while making the whole process smoother and more optimized than ever. The Predictive intelligence tool provides some deep and intelligent insights into the candidate’s activities while providing some other prominent features like bulk e-mailing and SMS.


  • Bullhorn offers four plans: Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.
  • Price for this tool starts at $99 per user per month.


  • Closed-loop VMS integration available
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Integration also available.
  • Provide solutions for automation middleware and server solutions
  • Google Chrome extension allows to easily add candidate information without leaving the job board


  • Option to export resumes in Word format not available
  • Lack of accountability
  • It consumes plenty of time to upload and parse CVs
#10) Jazz HR

JazzHR is an all in-one applicant tracking system and recruitment software which provides recruiters with the entire recruiting process through a wide variety of a wide variety of a wide variety of features and functionalities, like job posting and digitization of the offer processes.

JazzHR supports both free and premium job postings along with some additional functionality like Social Job Sharing and much more. It also provides integration for human resources information systems, and by using this system, recruiters can also analyse the uploaded resumes in bulk, which makes it much less of a hustle while recruiting is done for a large organization. It is also suitable for any business type, i.e. small, medium, and large organizations.


  • Three pricing plans are available i.e Hero ($39 per month), Plus ($199 per month), and Pro ($309 per month).
  • For demo, a request needs to be sent.


  • It provides Candidate Evaluation Template
  • Auto sending of emails
  • It includes Mobile-friendly Job Board
  • Provides Candidate Evaluation Templates
  • Integration of Coding Test and Video Interview tools


  • Email sending functionality needs improvement
  • The software does not allow to create lists of objectives to follow during work operations, despite having a workflow system
  • There is no tool to directly communicate with other recruitment companies
  • UI needs improvement – Recruitment Software Recruitment Software helps in designing and implementing a recruiting strategy, developing job descriptions and job specifications, talent sourcing and attracting candidates via any available hiring platform to gain the best candidate, interviewing employees, scheduling interviews and hiring great employees.

The responsibilities of the Recruiter are to ensure that the company attracts and hires the best candidates, while determining future needs, and growing a strong talent pipeline and a Recruitment Software automates and assists in that process.

Hope this article will help you in finding the right Recruitment Software. Please Contact us for any clarification on installing a Recruitment Software.

Recruitment Software Features

A Recruitment Software helps to accelerate and manage the entire recruiting and hiring process, from creating and posting job requisitions
through completing the hiring and forwarding new hire information to the HR system.

Hundreds of Recruitment companies use – Recruitment Software . It provides online recruitment solution to assist
industry professionals to automate work processes, implement successful recruitment strategies and reduce operational costs.

Recruitment Software is an online application using which employers, consultants; placement agencies and job seekers can exchange information, quickly and effectively. It aims to provide value to employers and job seekers in the recruitment process with an in-depth understanding of their needs.

The Four main modules of Recruitment Software are:


  • Search jobs by location, qualification, categories, and keywords
  • Register/Login/Logout/Retrieve Lost Password
  • Subscribe to job agents based on job category
  • Post their resume quickly into the system
  • Upload resume
  • Using a simple but powerful search tool, job seekers can locate the profiles of any company in the system that has a profile posted
  • View all jobs by a specific employer
  • Submit their resume to any registered employer from their account.
  • Update their profile at any time
  • Very flexible and powerful job search interface
  • Email a specific job to a friend
  • Print their resumes


  • Search resumes by geographic location, category and keywords.
  • Register/Login/Logout/Retrieve lost password.
  • Register for specific number of levels of service which will be displayed in the form of banners, buttons, Semi display advertisements, unlimited job posting etc.
  • Add, edit and delete jobs from their accounts.
  • Have the option of including their company profile.
  • Provision of Calendar Schedule for fixing meetings
  • Add screeners to filter job seekers.
  • Professional display of job searches and resumes details for easy reading.
  • Very flexible and powerful resume search interface.
  • The option of displaying resume details in a 'printer friendly format' without any images/colors for easy printing.


  • Search resumes by geographic location, category and keywords.
  • Login/Logout/Retrieve lost password.
  • Register for specific number of levels of service which will be displayed in the form of banners, buttons, Semi display advertisements, unlimited job posting etc.
  • Add, edit and delete jobs from their accounts.
  • Can auto email to candidates.
  • Have the option of including their company profile.
  • Provision of Calendar Schedule for fixing meetings
  • Add screeners to filter job seekers.
  • Professional display of job searches and resumes details for easy reading.
  • Very flexible and powerful resume search interface.
  • The option of displaying resume details in a 'printer friendly format' without any images/colors for easy printing.


  • Send broadcast emails to job seekers and/or employers that signed up for the mailing list.
  • Add and delete jobs.
  • Add and delete employers.
  • Add and delete clients.
  • Add and delete job seekers.
  • Add, edit, and delete job categories.
  • Has full control over global site configurations.
  • Option of printing full list of job seekers and employers in the database along with their contact information.
  • General statistics summary includes the number of registered job seekers, registered employers, active jobs and active resumes in the

Conclusion: is a ready to use platform for all your recruitment needs. Job openings can be posted with required profile; qualification, location etc and jobseekers can apply in a prescribed format online. The application receives the formatted resumes and stores them in a database that can be easily searched or retrieved, online.

Technical Specifications

  • LAMP Platform – Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
  • Web-based architecture
  • Hosted and integrated with your own website
  • Secure and private resume databases
  • Open Source

The Recruitment Software is built on an open, extensible platform and is capable of customization and integration with your existing HR system, enabling you to maximize your investment in technology.

For installed recruitment software, a base license provides for all users on a site and there is no fee to license all additional users on a single site. Similarly there is an only one-time fee per server / site for the hosted solution for any number of employers, resumes or jobseekers. It also includes setup, hosting and training support required by the customer.

The portfolio of services provided by covers end to end recruitment solutions from installation of a simple career module in a corporate website to developing a complex job board.

HR Heads, staffing companies, professionals or anyone else who needs software for recruitment applications can receive top quality Recruitment Software at a reasonable cost. That can organize and streamline the processes of identifying, recruiting, hiring and retaining talent.

How Your Own Recruitment Software can help Grow your Business

Recruitment Software refers to software solution modeled on automating the recruitment process online such as applicant tracking, posting jobs and communication which allow your jobseekers and employees to connect with each other and with your business.

The right Recruitment software like can help grow your business internally as well as externally. Internally, it can help improve your employee productivity and externally, it can help you connect better with your jobseekers.

How Recruitment Software Boosts Employee Productivity

Every company wants its employees to work as efficiently as possible, whether as individuals or in teams. By improving communication and collaboration between different team members, and across different teams, Recruitment software can increase the productivity of your workforce.

Using the Recruitment software as a collaboration tool in close to real time will keep the different team members of a team on the same page and help cut down on duplicate effort, apart from keeping them up to speed on the latest information about their project. A more informed workforce is in turn a more productive workforce.

add resume
view jobs

Recruitment software is a much better alternative to email as a method of communication within an organization. Email has its place in one to one communication, including in business communication; however, the tools provided by Recruitment software, including applicant tracking, job posting, built-in email, group messaging and personal messaging are often more suitable for group communication, which in turn improves employee productivity on the whole.

How Recruitment Software helps promote your Brand and Product

Building a successful brand in this age of the internet cannot be left to offline tools only. Recruitment software like connects your company and the brand directly to the end-user, and helps increase their brand loyalty by reaching out to them when they can be most easily reached – online.

Using Recruitment software, you can receive direct feedback from your jobseekers and applicants by way of applications and messages, which allows you to serve them better, and improve your product or service.

By responding directly to your applicants, and doing so in a public manner through the platform of Recruitment software, increases brand recognition as well as brand loyalty among your customers. – An Enterprise Recruitment Software, can be used to bring your clients, employees, jobseekers, applicants and management on the same network. Provide dynamic collaboration and information sharing across your company with features like applicant tracking, blogs, events, internal mail box etc

Recruitment software can help your organization not just improve its productivity, but also connect you to your jobseekers through the social web. The right Recruitment software solution should directly increase the productivity, the brand loyalty, and the profitability of your business.

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Online Recruitment Platform

Online Recruitment: also referred to as Internet recruiting, web recruitment and e-recruitment, is the use of the Internet for attracting, hiring and retaining job seekers.

Online Recruitment is growing faster than traditional print media and that won't change. Rapid penetration of Internet is contributing to a growth spurt to online job sites and use of Recruitment Software.

Online Recruitment Platform automates the online job application and resume tracking process, including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes.

This involves matching candidates and validating their skills and qualifications. As the number of people searching online for jobs increases, companies are taking advantage of Online Recruitment Platforms to manage the entire recruitment process and reduce recruiting-related costs.

Modules in Online Recruitment Platform
Gathering job requirements, auto-posting to website, qualifying job applicants, processing resumes, matching candidates, hiring manager portal and more. Some of the features include:

Requisition Management

  • Store requisitions and track candidates to a requisition.
  • Allow a recruiter to be assigned to a requisition and track recruiting activity, costs, as well as time to fill by requisition.
  • Creates web ready postings and enables recruiters to post, update and remove/archive positions in real time to multiple locations
    internally and externally.
  • Meshes seamlessly with your web site to allow candidates to view full job descriptions, company information, and apply on line for
    multiple positions.

Resume Processing and Candidate Self-Service

  • Processes and stores various formats of resumes including Word, WordPerfect, Text, PDF, RTF. Records receipt of resume and source
    of resume.
  • Provides immediate feedback to candidate submissions, requests and referrals.
  • Allows candidates to complete applications on-line or build a resume, save and update their saved or submitted applications/resumes.
  • Enables candidates to attach documents, cover letters and resumes to their on-line submitted applications.
  • Can receive and process resumes in other languages.
  • Has Email a Friend functionality so that a candidate can inform his or her friends of job opportunities posted in your career section.

Candidate Tracking

  • Track all facets of hiring information, correspondence and documentation to a candidate file. Has an area to record notes such
    as emails, phone conversations, letters sent, etc, with ability to include details or the specific information provided to the candidate.
  • Reduces paper intensive efforts in the application process and contact from prospective candidates.
  • Allows recruiters or administrators to attach other documents to a file in the database at will and can be used as a Staffing Software
Company Recruitment site


  • Provides recruiters with the ability to search resumes, applications, tracking notes, and other information.
  • Allows key word and Boolean searching of resumes, defined fields and other documentation or notes saved on the file.

Internal and External Correspondence

  • Generates an auto acknowledgement response upon receipt of resume or application.
  • Allows for creation and sending of standard response letters or emails to candidates.
  • Records type and details of correspondence in tracking notes of the candidate file.
  • Has the ability to utilize and integrate customized input form

Reporting and Data Extraction

  • Tracks information and allows for generation of ad-hoc reports for Number of jobseekers, Employers, Jobs, Status of Requisitions, Cycle Time, Recruiting Costs per Requisition, and other Recruiting reports.
  • Will allow for extraction of data into a standard format such as Excel or in order to interface with external systems

Applicant Tracking Software

  • ATS buit-in the recruitment platform, that helps staffing agencies and recruiters to track applicants and manage resumes online


  • Responsive site with built in Android and iPhone App that makesrecruitment platform work on all mobile devices

SEO Friendly
The Recruitment Software must be Search engine friendly and must index in Google. Jobs will easily rank for top keywords and increase organic traffic

We put the emphasis on ease of use so that you can be up and running with less than one day of training. It has its own Content Management system so you can manage an entire career section from within your website.

Benefits of using an Online Recruitment Platform
Organize Your Resume Tracking and Job Candidate Tracking From easy-to-use online application forms to easy-to-search resume
databases, applicant tracking systems can handle your entire candidate tracking online

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