Online Recruitment: also referred to as Internet recruiting, web recruitment and e-recruitment, is the use of the Internet for attracting, hiring and retaining job seekers.

Online Recruitment is growing faster than traditional print media and that won't change. Rapid penetration of Internet is contributing to a growth spurt to online job sites and use of Recruitment Software.

Online Recruitment Platform automates the online job application and resume tracking process, including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes.

This involves matching candidates and validating their skills and qualifications. As the number of people searching online for jobs increases, companies are taking advantage of Online Recruitment Platforms to manage the entire recruitment process and reduce recruiting-related costs.

Modules in Online Recruitment Platform
Gathering job requirements, auto-posting to website, qualifying job applicants, processing resumes, matching candidates, hiring manager portal and more. Some of the features include:

Requisition Management

  • Store requisitions and track candidates to a requisition.
  • Allow a recruiter to be assigned to a requisition and track recruiting activity, costs, as well as time to fill by requisition.
  • Creates web ready postings and enables recruiters to post, update and remove/archive positions in real time to multiple locations
    internally and externally.
  • Meshes seamlessly with your web site to allow candidates to view full job descriptions, company information, and apply on line for
    multiple positions.

Resume Processing and Candidate Self-Service

  • Processes and stores various formats of resumes including Word, WordPerfect, Text, PDF, RTF. Records receipt of resume and source
    of resume.
  • Provides immediate feedback to candidate submissions, requests and referrals.
  • Allows candidates to complete applications on-line or build a resume, save and update their saved or submitted applications/resumes.
  • Enables candidates to attach documents, cover letters and resumes to their on-line submitted applications.
  • Can receive and process resumes in other languages.
  • Has Email a Friend functionality so that a candidate can inform his or her friends of job opportunities posted in your career section.

Candidate Tracking

  • Track all facets of hiring information, correspondence and documentation to a candidate file. Has an area to record notes such
    as emails, phone conversations, letters sent, etc, with ability to include details or the specific information provided to the candidate.
  • Reduces paper intensive efforts in the application process and contact from prospective candidates.
  • Allows recruiters or administrators to attach other documents to a file in the database at will and can be used as a Staffing Software
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  • Provides recruiters with the ability to search resumes, applications, tracking notes, and other information.
  • Allows key word and Boolean searching of resumes, defined fields and other documentation or notes saved on the file.

Internal and External Correspondence

  • Generates an auto acknowledgement response upon receipt of resume or application.
  • Allows for creation and sending of standard response letters or emails to candidates.
  • Records type and details of correspondence in tracking notes of the candidate file.
  • Has the ability to utilize and integrate customized input form

Reporting and Data Extraction

  • Tracks information and allows for generation of ad-hoc reports for Number of jobseekers, Employers, Jobs, Status of Requisitions, Cycle Time, Recruiting Costs per Requisition, and other Recruiting reports.
  • Will allow for extraction of data into a standard format such as Excel or in order to interface with external systems

Applicant Tracking Software

  • ATS buit-in the recruitment platform, that helps staffing agencies and recruiters to track applicants and manage resumes online


  • Responsive site with built in Android and iPhone App that makesrecruitment platform work on all mobile devices

SEO Friendly
The Recruitment Software must be Search engine friendly and must index in Google. Jobs will easily rank for top keywords and increase organic traffic

We put the emphasis on ease of use so that you can be up and running with less than one day of training. It has its own Content Management system so you can manage an entire career section from within your website.

Benefits of using an Online Recruitment Platform
Organize Your Resume Tracking and Job Candidate Tracking From easy-to-use online application forms to easy-to-search resume
databases, applicant tracking systems can handle your entire candidate tracking online

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Job Board Theme

Recruitment refers to the process of hiring new employees for an organization.

Agencies, Headhunters, Search Firms or Placement Agencies is the term used for professions involved in the business of placing people in companies for a fee.

How Recruitment Process works:
There is always a constant demand for skilled professionals in companies. Search Firms generally get a job requisition from a client firm and subsequently they perform a search for applicants who match the job requirements.

The search is conducted via job board subscriptions, email folder, calls to an existing database of known candidates or list of people who may be a match. They get paid fees when candidates referred by them are selected by the company

Company Recruitment site

Online Recruitment Trends:
Internet has fundamentally changed how candidates look for jobs. It has also changed how companies hire employees. The entire process of hiring applicants from the point of initial contact, to interview and final selection is now being done online.

So Agencies have to provide their services online and add value to the online hiring process.

Recruitment Software for Agencies
Hiring talented staff is a very time consuming and complex process. A web based application that will automate the entire talent acquisition process – of finding, attracting and hiring the right people at the right time from anywhere in the world should be used by all agencies. is a best provider of online Recruitment Software for agencies

It helps agencies to attract shortlist and hire productive workforce for companies. has been delivering software professional services for the Recruitment Software since its inception in 2001. It is our mission to consistently deliver advanced Recruitment solutions at an outstanding value to our clients.

Our Recruitment Software application is based on our over five years of experience in working with recruitment companies, employers, job seekers and online job publishers.

Through our software developers & management teams combined experience we have developed a Recruitment Software is tailored-made to overcome the challenge of recruiting the right people quickly and at a reasonable cost.

An agency’s ability to achieve and grow their unique, competitive advantage is directly related to its ability to attract & hire the best employees. Recruitment Software solution enable clients to improve the effectiveness of their talent acquisition programs, increase H.R productivity, decrease costs and improve management decision making based on analyzing and summarizing key HR metrics associated with the hiring process.

Implementation of online Recruitment Software will help agencies:

  • Automate entire hiring process using built in Applicant tracking Software
  • Store and search database of Jobseekers based on Job category, location, experience etc
  • Consolidated reporting and analysis of recruiting lifecycle
  • Entire application hosted at local server or on online company webhost
  • Attract, acquire and deploy better-qualified applicants
  • Integrate diversity goals and compliance into the hiring process
  • Improve productivity throughout the H.R department
  • Strengthen corporate image by fostering a positive candidate experience
  • Reduce time to hire by proactively integrating passive candidates into the talent pool
  • Implement a continuous improvement in recruitment process
  • Track, control and reduce overall hiring stage and costs

The Recruitment Software interface or homepage can be configured to meet your existing company site guidelines, with no additional charges. The entire Recruitment Software project can be completed in a day if all approvals (homepage & resume) are given at the earliest.

Our Recruitment Software has been developed to meet the unique challenges of all-size Recruitment Agencies.

Subsequent to implementation there are no monthly payments. The software is uploaded in your Linux server and all data is secure. There is an only one-time fee per server / company for the hosted software for any number of H.R staff, resumes or jobseekers. It also includes setup, hosting and training support required by the customer.

We have a long track record of innovative online software development with a focus on advanced web application development.

Customers count on us for complete Recruitment solutions, including Internet consulting, SEO development, Recruitment Software solutions, recruiting software, Web application development and e-commerce development.

Our client list includes some of the biggest names in the HR, financial, retail, recruiting and placement companies across the world. They count on us to deliver their projects according to their specifications, budget and deadline.

No shortcuts or problems. Simply dependable and scalable solutions our clients can count on for years to come, no matter how their businesses change or grow.

Recruitment Agencies can count on us to exceed your expectations by delivering unbeatable value and innovative Recruitment software solutions.

Our products and services are backed by rapid development and deployment and prompt customer service and support.

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Today Internet is the world’s largest recruiting platform. Jobseekers, employers, staffing companies have embraced this medium in large
numbers. Thus there is huge growth of online recruitment with more and more people applying for jobs online.

Online Recruitment software can be setup to automate the hiring process. Companies can post jobs online in their own website and jobseekers can apply for the jobs. Subsequently the Recruitment staff can shortlist and hire the candidates online.

Company Recruitment site
Recruitment provides the best Online Recruitment Software that has the most features to enable a company to completely automate the recruitment process. It also provides free annual webhosting so that companies can install the software online immediately and without any extra hosting charges.

Benefits of Online Recruitment Software

1. Using online recruitment software or Job Board Software the entire paper work of processing candidates can be eliminated thereby improving efficiency, time-to-hire and reducing costs.

2. It can help in finding the right people with the right set of skills – very quickly. It also enables employers, recruiters; placement, staffing, and HR Staff can stay in touch with jobseekers and manage the flow of resumes.

3. Online recruitment enables jobseekers full access and control of their personal information, qualifications, work experience and skills. They decide to apply for the job category, position and company of choice. Thus it allows them to build a long-term relationship with potential recruiters.

4. Using online recruitment; key tasks in the traditional hiring process can be automated. Subsequently the HR staff can focus on the more value added processes in the recruitment workflow.

The growth in online recruiting is driving the demand for more effective approaches to managing processes related to resumes and applicant
tracking. In particular, the recognition for better software has opened avenues for new breed of Web based job posting, resume management
and applicant workflow applications. offers an online recruitment solution for Corporations, Staffing Agencies that can organize and streamline the
processes of identifying, recruiting, hiring and retaining talent.

It is an online application using which employers, consultants; placement agencies and job seekers can exchange information, quickly and effectively. It aims to provide value to employers and jobseekers in the recruitment process with an in-depth understanding of their needs.

Pl. check the online demo of our open source online recruitment software and get back to us in case of any clarifications.

selection round

The objective of the recruitment process is to find, acquire and ensure the retention of the best people available. Recruiters can optimize the traditional methods of hiring by using software as a tool for automating the entire recruitment process.

Recruiting Software is an online application using which employers, consultants; placement agencies and job seekers can exchange information, quickly and effectively. It aims to provide value to employers and jobseekers in the recruitment process with an in-depth understanding of their needs. offers an online recruiting software and Job Board Software for recruiters, Companies, Staffing Agencies that can organize and streamline the processes of identifying, recruiting, hiring and retaining talent. – Recruiting Software is a ready to use platform for all your recruitment needs. Job openings can be posted with required profile, qualification; location etc and jobseekers can apply in a prescribed format online. The application receives the formatted resumes and stores them in a database that can be easily searched or retrieved, online.

Company Recruitment site

FAQ’s of Recruiting Software

1. How does our company benefit by implementing Recruiting Software?
Recruiting Software tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting through to offer acceptance and hiring. This eases the workload of HR recruiters and consultants as most cumbersome and time-consuming tasks are automated.

2. What are the main features of Recruiting Software?
Turn your company website to an on-line recruitment center or a corporate career website. This web application turns your corporate website into an interactive and customized Career Center. All prospective candidates, can search and apply for jobs, update personal information, and receive

automatic notifications of available jobs of interest. It integrates with your website with an easy-to-use interface that is easily adjusted to existing layout, fonts and colors.

3. What is applicant tracking software?
It is a part of Recruiting Software that maintains the records of all applicants. Applicant tracking system automates the online job application and resume tracking process including collecting, reviewing and responding to resumes.

4. Benefits of using applicant tracking software
Applicant tracking system tracks the recruitment process right from requirement posting through to offer acceptance and hiring.

5. Modules in applicant tracking software
ATS gathers job requirements, automatically posts those requirements to the website, qualifies job applicants, processes resumes, matches
candidates with the requirements, shortlists candidates, and sends automated emails to selected candidates. It also has a hiring manager
portal along with the range of other features.

The Recruiting Software from is built on an open source, extensible platform and is capable of customization and integration with your existing HR system, enabling you to maximize your investment in technology.

Pl. contact us if you want to setup a custom Recruiting Software for your company.

In a self hosted environment you can install the recruitment software on your webhost or web server in your domain name. provides self hosted Recruitment Software. We install the software on client’s server.
There are several advantages of a Self Hosted Recruitment Software:

1. Customization
In self hosted recruitment software any customization is possible. You can edit the design, branding, pages, software forms, fields, dashboard etc.

2. Branding
Self hosted recruitment software allows complete Integration with the existing site. You can change the design to be in consistent with your company colour, logo, layout etc thereby delivering a consistent brand image

3. Design
We can design a custom career page or theme based on your feedback. The page can be modified as per your feedback in terms of logo, colour combination, layout, text etc.

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4. Data Security
Since the software is hosted on your server, you own the data. You can back up the data on your webhost and be rest assured. Also you can comply with GDPR and other country data protection guidelines which insist that data be stored within the country

5. Ownership
Company owns the software and can resell the software or the business anytime without any obligation

6. Lower Costs
While in cloud software, costs appear to be low in the beginning, it increases exponentially when number of users increase. While in a self hosted recruitment software there is only one time cost and no monthly or yearly subscription fees. There are no unexpected costs in

7. Control
You have full control of the software and your developer can modify all aspects of the software as per your requirement

There are several advantages of self hosted recruitment software as compared to cloud software. This include costs, control, security, support and in overall management of recruitment software. provides the best self hosted software for an all inclusive cost of $600. It includes annual hosting, custom career page and installation.

Recruitment CRM is software and productivity tool that helps a company manage the hiring process online and increases productivity

Recruitment Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an essential tool for your staffing firm. It centralizes all data and hiring activities generated by your recruiting team across different platforms. is open source recruitment CRM helps you track all your emails, data, automate your tasks.

Features of Recruitment CRM

  • Central repository of database of jobseekers, employers and applicants
  • Applicant Tracking System – To manage candidates from application to selection
  • Contact Management – Receive Messages from Employers and Jobseekers
  • Forum and blog – To post engaging user generated content
  • Auto responders – Respond immediately and offer job and resume alerts
  • Actively track and manage entire recruitment information on Dashboard
  • Send Newsletters and create engaging email campaigns
  • Insightful reports that show analytics of jobseekers, employers and candidates
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Benefits of Recruitment CRM Software
The main benefit of Recruitment CRM software for recruiters is that it makes candidate relationship management easier and faster. Other benefits include:

  • All in One Software for Recruitment and Staffing Agencies
  • It is Open source recruitment CRM software and a company can make any changes
    in code or design
  • Simplify repetitive tasks so that your company can concentrate on recruitment
  • Solution to manage all Candidates, employer’s jobs & staff from one admin panel
  • Built-in Applicant Tracking System which manages the entire application process
  • Intelligently captures employer and jobseeker data
  • Connects entire team on single platform
  • Accelerate your entire recruiting process & save time
  • Developed for agencies of all sizes
  • Helps you manage and build relationships with candidates
  • CRM enables sales teams use to manage their sales process and store records
  • One place to store all customer information Recruitment CRM enables recruiters to:
Reduce time to hire by eliminating manual data entry and automating the recruitment process

Increase productivity with collaborative hiring by engaging with companies and jobseekers

Recruitment CRM software enables recruiters to have a two way communication with candidates. It increases candidate engagement and improves candidate relationships

Recruitment CRM software helps recruiters to manage their process of candidate acquisition

Recruitment CRM software enables recruiters to receive communication from potential and future candidates

It allows recruiters to effectively manage the entire recruitment process

Recruitment CRM help you pursue new business while getting the most from your existing client relationships Recruitment CRM allows recruiters to automate all aspects of staffing and recruiting. From job posting to candidate placement, online recruitment CRM improves your overall hiring experience.

Hiring software is a term for software, systems and application that are used in the Hiring process.
It covers the various recruitment modules covering the entire spectrum of the Hiring cycle i.e. from sourcing candidates to short listing, interviewing and eventually recruiting them.
Hiring Software completely automates the Hiring process.

Features of Hiring Software

a. Post Jobs
Recruiters can post jobs and attract candidates for various vacant positions in the company

b. Search Applicants
Recruiters can search resumes and jobseeker information in the software

c. Applicant Tracking Systems
Using Applicant Tracking system recruiters can track the entire hiring cycle. It provides a hiring funnel of candidate selection phase from viewing job applicant resumes to recruitment

d. Database of candidates
Hiring software provides a single database of resumes and candidate information

e. Easy to use User interface
Hiring Software has an easy to use UI using which job seekers can apply for jobs and employers can post jobs – online

f. Career site
Online Hiring Software can be setup as a career site along with the company website with the same company branding and logo and jobseekers can apply for open job positions

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Benefits of Hiring Software

a. Remove Paper work
All job seeker and recruitment data is stored online and paperwork is reduced considerably

b. Save time
Since the hiring software is Online, it saves recruiters and hiring managers a lot of time

c. Stay Organized
Since all data is stored at one site it helps recruiters to view candidate pipeline and always stay organized

d. Streamline Hiring process
Hiring software streamlines all the recruitment process from posting jobs, reviewing resumes to hiring candidates

e. User experience
Hiring software provides a better user experience to candidates as they can upload resume online

f. View Reports
Company can view all reports like number of active jobs, jobseekers, applicants, interviews, selected candidates etc in a single dashboard which give an insight into the entire hiring process

g. Automate hiring process
Online hiring software completed automates the candidate sourcing process and streamlines all admin related tasks

h. Mobile
Most people are now shifting to doing work on mobile phones. Using responsive hiring software candidates can apply for jobs via mobile phone

Using online Hiring Software a company can automate the entire hiring life cycle, save time and money.

By removing paperwork and automating candidate search functions, the hiring software makes it easier for companies to search and hire candidates. From posting jobs to reviewing CV’s and interviewing candidates, hiring software streamlines and automates the entire hiring process.

A resume or CV is a document used by a person to showcase their education, background, skills, work experience, location and achievements. Most jobs require applicants to submit a resume as the initial part of the job application process.

The hiring process for nearly every company has moved online nowadays and it has changed the way people apply for jobs. Jobseekers post resumes online and employer’s search and shortlist resumes on job boards or career sites. Resume Search Software enables companies to search resumes in database online.

What is Resume Search Software

A Resume Search Software is a powerful tool that enables a company to search and filter through thousands of resumes so they can find candidates for open positions.
Jobseekers post their resume using an online resume builder. They can add education, address, work experience, social media details etc.
Employers use job boards or career sites to advertise their job openings and encourage candidates to submit their resumes.

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Benefits of Resume Search Software

Automate the hiring process
Resumes are stored online so recruiters can search, shortlist and select candidates easily
and automate the entire hiring process

Find the Highest Quality Candidates
Recruiters can do a custom search for highest rated education institutes or companies and
select premium candidates

Search thousands of Resumes
Recruiters can search through thousands of Resumes stored online in database and shortlist

View Resumes
Recruiters can view resume details online – like name, age, address, educational
qualifications, and previous employment of a candidate

View photo
Recruiters can view photo and video of candidates

Employers can use the applicant tracking system and track the candidate online from short listing to Interview and final selection

Resume Alerts
Get new resumes matching your criteria by email

Connects you with quality candidates
A resume software enables to you email or message candidate and correspond with them

Download Resume
Recruiter can view and download resume to local PC

Rate Resumes
Employers can rate resumes and write comments

Features of Resume Search Software

Resume search software enables recruiters to do a detailed search and select most desirable

Resume Search can be done for candidates with different combinations of skills, experience,
location, freshness of resume, etc.

Filter Resume Search by:

  • Search Resumes by Category
    Search by business e.g. Oil and Gas, accounting, software development, customer service etc.
  • Search Resumes by Location
    Search by country, state, city etc
  • Search Resumes by Keyword
    Recruiters can perform a keyword search
  • Search Resumes by Job Type
    Search by job type like full time, freelance, part time jobs
  • Search Resumes by Resume date
    Search for candidates who have posted resume in last week or last month

Resume Resumes Alerts
Sign up for resumes alerts and get new resumes by email

Resume Search Software by enables a company to setup a career site or job board and enable jobseekers to submit resumes online using Resume Builder. And it allows employers to search and save resume by industry, education, job title, location etc.

Contact us for knowing more details about our online Resume Search Software

Open Source Recruitment software has the benefit that it is free to use and any user can study the source code and modify it.
Recruitment software is developed for Placement Companies, Staffing Agencies, Recruiting firms and HR departments within a company to organize and track the entire hiring process within the organization.
Recruitment Software has several features including posting jobs, handling applications,managing resumes, candidate profiles and hiring status.

The six major factors to consider while choosing the best Recruitment Software for your work are:

  • Recruiter and Candidate Management
  • Job Posting
  • Resume Management
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Admin Panel
  • Reports and Analytics

Leading Open Source Recruitment Software are:


Recruity is a leading open source recruitment software application.It is a joint venture between software manufacturer Intermesh and recruitment agency Search & Co Group. Both are based in The Netherlands. The product combines state of the art crm software of Intermesh with the experience of the recruitment agency. According to the developer – This system has been developed using open source software after existing packages proved insufficient to meet the needs of a modern recruitment agency.

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Odoo is an all in one business software including CRM, website, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, recruitment and inventory. The Community version is the open source version, while the Enterprise version supplements the Community edition with proprietary features and services.You can set up your job board, promote your job listings and easily keep track of submitted applications. Follow every applicant and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents.

Use the kanban view and customize the steps of your recruitments process: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc. Get accurate statistics on your recruitment pipeline. Odoo has reports module to compare the performance of postings you have made on different external job boards and easily change your strategy and recruitment plan based on the results.

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OrangeHRM is the most popular open source human resource management (HRM) software in the world.
OrangeHRM Open Source is a free and open source HR software that offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business. This widely used HR management system is feature rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform along with free documentation and access to a broad community of users.You can streamline the entire hiring cycle with orangehrm HR Software

Download OrangeHRM


Winrecruit Open Source and free edition is a web based recruitment management system designed to the meet the basic hiring needs of recruitment consultancies, corporate, small and medium enterprises. Winrecruit helps corporate to streamline their recruitment process and helps to build Company recruiting/careers page similar to the company’s website. It can be also be customized according to your needs.

Download WinRecruit

OpenCATS is a free and open source, full featured, web based applicant tracking system. It helps you manage the complete recruitment life cycle from business development through finalizing a placement. It manages a huge range of information, including: Candidate details, qualifications, resumes and contact history. Job orders details, associated contacts and the candidate pipeline. It designed for Recruiters by the recruiting community who aim to manage the entire recruitment process from job posting to candidate application.

Download OpenCATS


Jobberbase is an open source job board platform that enables the creation of job boards. It is built on Ruby on Rails framework and was the first open-source job board platform

Download Jobberbase

We hope this content helps you to get information on the best open source Recruitment Software.
Recruitment Software automates your entire recruitment process right from posting job online to on boarding of new recruits and ensures that you hire the best possible candidate.So it is a very important module of your business.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comment section.
Thank you for reading the article.

Recruitment Software is a tool that automates the hiring process of a company and can be utilized by the HR department to post jobs and recruit candidates online.

Recruitment software has several in-built features to make hiring easy and it is a must have software for any company.

Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace
Recruitment Marketplace

Some of the features of recruitment software are:

1. Applicant Tracking System
The purpose of applicant tracking is to automate the selection processes. A company receive thousands of applications for each new job offer and, to do it efficiently, need to make use of applicant tracking feature.

Applicant tracking helps the company to select a skilled candidate efficiently by analyzing the qualifications of the candidates.

Another feature is that of resume search, based on the use of keywords. It should match the needs of the job offered. Keywords include – location, age, qualification, education, skills, experience etc of the applicant

2. Automation of repetitive tasks
Recruitment software automates the hiring process and saves time. The software can extract the candidate's details from the site collecting the data required by recruiters.

Automation for filtering the candidates according to the required criteria of experience, age, education and so on can be done.

Also, the specific schedule for an interview can be automated using the recruitment software. The staffing software can have an applicant tracking system so that the process of hiring can be tracked by the company.

3. Analytics dashboard
Using the analytics dashboard present in the hiring software, the company can easily view the flow of data in the recruitment process.

The candidate's applied the ratio of applied to hired candidates; salary details and so on can be studied. Business improvement can also be done studying analytics of recruitment software. Understanding the cost to hire scenario benefits the company to achieve its goals.

4. Cloud/SaaS based
Recruitment software can be cloud-based or downloadable software. In cloud option the database in hosted online or in cloud where all the recruiters of the company can login and view the data.

In an implementation of SaaS (Software as a service) which is a part of cloud computing for the software to run completely on the browser itself without the requirement of installation of recruitment software in each machine. SaaS- based recruitment software can help the company to reduce cost, manage the resources and in faster implementation of software deployment.

5. User-friendly interface
A good UI of the recruitment software attracts people from using the software. Front end shows information about the company and list of jobs with apply now option.

Backend interface needs to be able to be customized with drag and drop features, graph of the analytical data, automatic backup etc. It can show list of jobs, candidate’s applied, applicant status etc

6. Managed communication via email
Recruitment software manages the communication with the job seekers via email. After the sorting of data of the candidates, it can contact them through email.

Various template based emails can be set up for contacting them. If the candidate is selected for the next phase, he/she is contacted automatically by mentioning the schedule. Email personalization is achieved by the use of recruitment software.

7. Jobseekers Features
Jobseekers can search jobs by Country, Location, Category, keywords, location, job category, and experience, recently posted like today, one week and Zip code

Jobseeker can submit resume online and update profile at any time. They can also view list of jobs applied for. Jobseekers can also get Automated Job Application Response Mail from Employer regarding Interview and selection.

8. Employer Features
Employers can use Applicant Tracking to track, qualify and rate the hiring status of candidates. They can send Interview Request Search resumes by location, categories, company, location, experience and keywords

They can add Applicant Screening to jobs i.e. Ability to create questions to job postings for applicants to respond when applying to a job

9. Admin Control Panel
Recruitment software administrators have control over what is displayed in nearly all dropdown lists and list boxes throughout the site i.e.: Location, Search Categories, Languages, Citizenship, Salary range, Experience etc.

Admin can View reports on Jobseeker new accounts, number of newsletters sent out by Job Seekers and Employers, job click throughs, site statistics on total visitors, unique visitors, page views, hits, page referrals and more

Recruitment Software helps companies to attract shortlist and hire productive workforce. Hiring talented staff is a very time consuming and complex process. is the best Recruitment Software that can automate the entire talent acquisition process – of finding, attracting and hiring the right people at the right time from anywhere in the world.

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