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How to setup a Job Board using WordPress?

If you’re thinking of starting your own WordPress job board, this article is for you. In this article, we will show you step by step how you can build your own job board using a WordPress Job Board Theme and Plugin.

A job board is a website dedicated to information about jobs. People use job boards to find out about new job opportunities and to apply for jobs. Many people find employment through a search on a job board.

As the demand for WordPress as a CMS continues to grow, so does the demand for WordPress based job boards. It’s safe to say that we will continue to see even more job boards built on the WordPress platform.

Benefits of a Job Board Built on WordPress

  • A job board built on wordpress is convenient because it can be setup easily.
  • Employers can post job positions on wordpress with just a few clicks.
  • Submissions are processed quickly and employers can access detailed job descriptions directly from their submitted resumes.
  • The best part about building a job board with wordpress is that there are plenty of plugins available.
  • Employers can easily customize their submission process to meet their needs.
  • They can also set up email templates for when candidates contact them directly with questions or submissions.
  • No matter what type of website you're trying to build, there's likely a plugin for it that will make it easy.
  • Monetization is an important aspect of any website building activity. WordPress job boards can be monetized in many ways, including charging employers a submission fee.
  • This way they don't have to manually respond to every submission they receive.
  • Alternatively, they can allow free submissions without charge so they can gain as much information as possible from each submission.
  • After evaluating each submission, employers can decide which process works best for them and their website visitors.

WordPress is an excellent choice for creating any type of job board; from individual to corporate needs.

To setup a Job Board using WodPress, follow the basic steps:

Step 1:
Choose a WordPress Job Board Theme like

Step 2:
Install and Enable the necessary WordPress Plugin like

Step 3:
Customize the Menu, Header and Footer of your Website –

Step 4:
Create the Job Search page

Step 5:
Create the Job Details page

Step 6:
Test the membership system by registering as a recruiter and post a job

Step 7:
Register as a jobseeker and apply for the job

Step 8:
Login as Admin and check the job, jobseeker and employer details

Next – Contact recruiters/employers and ask them to start posting jobs

A good WordPress job board theme should be user-friendly and have an easy-to-navigate user interface that includes clean aesthetics and intuitive navigation. Also check out other WordPress Job Board Themes for inspiration from WordPress Theme store.

Must have Features in a Job Board Theme:

  • Home Page
  • Job Search
  • View Job
  • Post Job
  • Job Alert
  • Jobs by Company
  • Jobs by Category
  • Login/Register/Forget Password



Keeping your job board theme fresh and up-to-date is one way to keep users coming back. Another way is to give them something they won’t find on other sites.

A unique and visually-appealing job board website can help you stand out from your competitors, bring in more visitors, and drive more job applications. However, creating a job board that’s both striking and representative of your brand can be tricky. The good news is that with the right resources, it doesn’t need to be difficult.

With a sleek and modern design, – job board software is perfect for any business looking to setup a custom job board. And best of all, its Open Source so you can setup your own job board with Job Board today.


Recruitment WordPress Theme

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to create a website or blog without any programming knowledge. WordPress is free and open-source software released under the GPLv2. It can be used to create websites from scratch, or to improve or rebuild an existing website using Themes and Plugins.

What is Recruitment Website?

Recruitment Websites are online databases where employers post their job openings. Candidates apply directly to the employer via email or upload their resume. Many websites require applicants to create a profile before applying. Applicants may search for jobs based on location, industry, salary range, or keyword searches.

A recruitment WordPress theme is a WordPress theme that is specifically designed for use in the recruitment process. The design of the recruitment website should be attractive and make it easy for the visitor to navigate through.

They can help you attract more visitors to your website, help you post your resume online, and provide you with other tools that will help you with your recruitment goals.

Features of Recruitment WordPress theme:


  • Sign up/login/View Profile
  • Job search
  • View job/company description
  • Apply for a job
  • Adding/Editing a Resume

Recruitment Company:

  • Register/login/View Profile
  • Post Job
  • Edit Job details
  • View candidate resume
  • View other companies vacancies
  • View Saved Resumes
  • Adding/Editing company Info
  • View applications from candidate

The theme should be fully compatible with different mobile devices of varying screen sizes. And the website and its contents should be SEO optimized to be able to appear in Google searches.

Components of WordPress Theme:

A theme includes a header file, which includes information about the theme’s header and background, stylesheets (css files), and a template file, which is used to generate the website’s content.

You can use any css file, but WordPress usually recommends using WordPress’s own style sheets.

Create a WordPress Theme

Creating a WordPress theme or template is easy. All you need to do is create a directory called themes inside your WordPress installation, and place a theme or template file called style.php in that directory. Check out –
WordPress will then use this file to generate the website’s content. A recruitment WordPress theme is a template for building your own recruitment website.

WordPress Free and Paid Themes

Free Themes has a Theme section – There are many free types of recruitment website templates available for you to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a simple and clean design or something more complex.

Paid Themes

Check out Themeforest – . They have the best collection of paid themes. Also check for recruitment Software with built-in Themes

The first thing to consider when selecting a recruitment WordPress theme is what type of content you want to display. It should match the theme design. If you want to display job listings, then you will need to find a theme that has the necessary features for listing jobs.
Recruitment WordPress Themes along with Plugins are specifically designed to help you with your recruitment goals. We can create a nice, clean and innovative website for your Tech Staffing or Recruitment firm, pl. contact us for free guidance.

Free WordPress Job Board Theme

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system.

It is used for developing variety of websites and blogs and is the most popular CMS for web development. WordPress can be easily customized using themes and plugins. According to a recent survey WodPress powers over 32% of the websites on the internet.

WordPress is an open source project built on PHP and MySQL, and is licensed under the GPLv2. WordPress CMS software can be downloaded from or used as a hosted service from

WordPress Theme
WordPress, theme is a pre-designed template used to define the appearance and display of a website. Theme can be added and changed from the WordPress admin area under Appearance. A WordPress theme changes the front end design of your website.

WordPress Plugin
WordPress plugin is software containing a group of functions that extend functionality and add new features to your website. Plugins can be added directly from WordPress admin, plugins section.

Using a combination of WordPress Theme and Plugin allows you to build a professional website


Job Board Free WordPress Theme offers free wordpress job board theme to setup a job listing website.
Job Board WordPress theme is advanced job board theme that brings you the simplest
solution to display jobs on any type of website.

Features of WordPress Job Board Theme

  • Post jobs
  • Custom homepage
  • Integration with WP Job Manager Plugin
  • Registration, login and separate panels for employer and jobseekers


  • Create a complete, responsive job board free of cost
  • Create a community of jobseekers and employers
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Employers can setup recruitment site
  • Most popular WordPress CMS – based solution
  • Ideal a job posting solution for recruiters and employment agencies
  • It integrates all leading Plugins so that you can build your own job job board
  • Use your existing website and integrate job board in separate sub-domain or folder
  • Job Board theme enables you to create job posts, which gives your visitors a view of each listed position
  • You can customize the theme as per your requirement
  • The job board theme is open source
Wordpress Free Job Board Theme

Wordpress Free Job Board Theme Job Preview

Job Preview
Wordpress Free Job Board Theme Post Job Form

Post Job Form

How to Install Job Board WordPress Theme
Steps to Install Job Board WordPress Theme
a. Download the free job board theme
b. Login to your WordPress admin area and click on Appearance – Themes
c. click on the Add New button at the top.
d. On the next screen, click on the Upload Theme button at the top.
e. You will be prompted to choose the zip file
f. Install the theme
g. Follow the instructions given in the zip file

The job board theme works best with Wpjobmanager Plugin
WP Job Manager is a job listing plugin for adding job-board like functionality to your WordPress site. Being shortcode based, it can work with any wordpress theme and is simple to setup. Job Board WordPress theme is a complete Job Board WordPress theme that allows you to create a useful and easy to use job listings portal free of cost.

Download WordPress –
Download Free Job Board WordPress Theme –
Download wpjobmanager –

Free Job Board WordPress Theme

Job Board WordPress Theme – is an advanced job board WordPress Theme and Plugin combination for WordPress.

The feature-rich WordPress theme and plugin combo was built for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPress. It enables anybody with a WordPress site to setup a Job Board and post jobs online.

Free WordPress Job Board Theme

Job Board WordPress Theme

The Job Board WordPress fully customizable theme turns your site into an advanced job posting site

Job Board WordPress Plugin

Manage job listings from the WordPress admin panel, and allow users to post job listings directly to your job board


  • Post Jobs
  • Categorize Job Posting
  • Search Jobs
  • Preview Jobs
  • RSS Feed

Job Board WordPress combo of above theme and plugin is a complete job board software solution for WordPress CMS.

It is well suited for a Job Board, Recruitment Agency or a Company with multiple job listings.

Wordpress Free Job Board Theme

Wordpress Free Job Board Theme Job Preview

Job Preview
Wordpress Free Job Board Theme Post Job Form

Post Job Form
Wordpress Free Job Board Theme Career Article and Blog Page

Article / Blog
Free wordpress job board theme about us page

About Us
Free wordpress job board theme contact us page

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